Monday, March 21st

Under a blanket and before a raging fire, Phyllis and Billy toast with wine. This house nice fun and ‘snark’. Billy is ready to start a new life – without Vikki; she doesn’t want me anymore. This is the best Billy’s felt in a while. They don’t mind being strapped in the storm at all.

Unable to reach Phyllis or Billy, Jack’s called Paul. Neil bets they found a place to take shelter. Across the room, Hilary’s so glad THEIR donation inspired Ashley to do the same. As a board member, she was happy to. Devon suggests they go say good bye to Jack. That leaves Ashley and gripe to Neville. Lauren comes over to gush about them changing people lives – then joins Mike (on the phone trying to convince Victor to let Vikki visit) He’s maintaining the facade of devoted attorney. If he gets a whiff that I’m sinking his case, God help us all. Mile gulps his drink as Luca and Summer walk by.

Vikki’s now visiting her Dad. I’m trying to help you, she insists (to a backdrop of thunder and lightning.

It’s game night at the penthouse. Pillow stuffed up her shirt, Faith is Shawn. Sage’s laughter ends as she remembers Nick telling Shawn that he’d understand if she changed her mind and kept the baby. Sage? You OK? Nick asks.

Yes, Sage is fine – and ready for team charades. As Nick flies Faith around, Shawn guesses Supergirl. Now Daddy and Shawn act out a bull fight. Faith and Sage then go for snacks. Shawn gushes over Nick – they’re lucky to have your.

Chatting with Jack and Neil, Hilary manages to make herself the topic of conversation. After she and Devon leave, Neil takes Neville for coffee so Ashley can gripe to Jack; Hilary’s shameless. And useful, Jack adds that she wants to be on the board – badly. Both wonder where Billy and Phyllis are – hopefully not plotting behind my back, Jack comments.

Phyllis tells Billy that she and Jack have a ‘grown up’ relationship – things will get better for all of us after Victor goes to prison. Billy thinks it a pretty dream. It’s written in stone, Phyllis IS sure Victor’s going down this time,

There’s a threat to your company, your family – do you give a damn? Vikki’s frustrated. Tell me what you know, Victor says.