Friday, March 18th

Hilary’s disappointed – I thought there’d be more people. She leaves Devon to kiss Cane’s ass – then lead Jack off to ask to be part of this foundation – a BIG part. Arriving with Ashley on his arm, Max declares her ‘beautiful’. Looks like Hilary wants more than my desk, Ashley notes. She wants respectability, Neville claims. After they go for cupcakes, Ben can see Max is having a good time. Abby, not so much. As Abby angles for ‘a leadership role’, Jack excuses himself to answer his phone. ‘Perfect timing’ he tells Phyllis (who says she and Billy will be there soon)

At CL’s, Noah rants n raves about Luca; he’s out of control. YOU threw the first punch, Marisa points out. Be the mature one. So I’m immature? Noah gives her the keys and storms out – say Hi to Luca for me!

We’re one big happy family, Hilary’s glad to see the Ashby’s back together, like her and Devon. No alcohol here tonight, Neil tells Hilary (as she’s handed a glass of sparkling cider) Hilary wants to be part of the foundation. Neil knows she wants a seat on the board. I could bring a lot of money to the table. You mean my brother’s money, Lily corrects. At the bar, Devon hopes Hilary didn’t press Jack too hard. He’s always admired her initiative and is happy to see her as the mover and shaker she always wanted to be. Aside, Lauren continues to worry about Mike’s plan (but no, don’t you dare stop) Vikki then tells Jack that the only thing she and Billy share is joint custody.

You’re crashing at Katherine’s? It’ s not Katherine’s anymore. Jill signed the mansion over to Billy (who’s painted it blue; a different colour than his home with Vikki) This place needs you – friends and love; mostly love. You and this house were made for each other, Phyllis says.

Delia loved it here, Katie and Johnny will too. Billy thinks he and Phyllis are a lot alike; driven. You and Jack are in a good place – Passkey will change the world. And Billy? He’ll build a pirate ship treehouse in the yard etc. As the storm intensifies, Billy and Phyllis head off to the gala.

Victor refuses to talk to anyone but Summer and Mike, Vikki updates Jack – her Dad won’t go down without a fight. Summer appears to defend dear Gramps – you won – he’s in prison. Give him a break. Victor damaged a lot of lives, Jack points out. Seeing Luca, Vikki wonders who invited him. Summer did (after Kyle bailed) Is that a problem? Jack wonders. Could be, Vikki glares at him.

Leaving Max with Neville, Ashley’s delighted to hear Abby’s baby just moved. After Ben goes to tell Max, Ashley reassures Abby that Max will come around. Jack’s also happy – Abby will be a wonderful Mother. He then asks Ashley to sit on his board. Overhearing, Hilary gripes to Devon. I won’t be upstaged by Ashley. If she wants a fight, she’s got one.

Phyllis and Billy are back in the mansion; seems a tree crashed onto the car. There’s no power, no cell signal. No firewood.

Jack leaves Phyllis a message then updates Neil that Ashley’s on the foundation board. The flickering lights cause Max to run to Ashley. Ben’s about to take Abby upstairs to rest but poor Max is scared, so Abby goes up alone. Arriving, the Baldwin’s congratulate the Ashby’s (who’re going to check on the kids) After Jack and Neil give a little speech about the foundation’s goals, Hilary steps up to present a check for one million dollars and is sure the Abbott family will proudly offer their support too. Ashley steps up to say she is thrilled to pledge a million. All applaud some more. As Summer takes a photo, Hilary hisses ‘game on’ at Ashley.