Friday, March 18th

I too have an event to attend this evening. I won’t be donating a million dollars. And I won’t be drinking sparkling cider! Enjoy your typos and remember, this is no ‘sense’ in ‘sentences’.

Neil straightens the Abbott-Winters Foundation sign at the club. He’s delighted that Lily and Cane have reconciled. Jack arrives to congratulate them. No, not all the Abbotts will be attending tonight’s gala.

Dressed for the gala, Phyllis is upstairs in Billy’s suite. She pulls a garment bag out of the closet. Get those jeans off. I’m not going anywhere without you.

As a thunderstorm rages outside, Vikki and Mike are at Top of the Tower. Does the family really want me to have Victor acquited? Mike asks.

Sporting a shiner, Luca’s called Summer to meet him at GCM – Noah sucker punched him. He’s on probation, Summer hopes Luca’s not pressing charges. Noah and Marisa arrive to wonder the same thing.

Interrupting a kiss, Ashley apologizes. Knock next time, Hilary reminds this isn’t her office anymore. How could I possibly forget? Ashley sneers. Devon tells Ashley she looks beautiful. Yes, you always look so …. dignified, Hilary manages. Ashley looks Hilary up and down. And you always look so ………

None of us want to see Dad go to prison – Vikki wants him to face up to what he’s done, and make an effort to change. Mike loves her optimism and devotion to Victor. He thinks we all hate him (except Summer) Mike promises that justice will be done. When Lauren arrives, Vikki thanks Mike and leaves. Lauren worries how Vikki will react when she realizes her Father’s being defended all the way into prison.

Back at the club, Jack doubts Billy will attend tonight – but the Abbott family’s 100% behind the foundation. After the Ashby’s go off to check the generators, Neil tells Jack that his Father would be proud. We’r going to change lives. First, we need a board of directors; people who share our vision.

Devon tells Hilary that she looks like a million bucks ~kiss~ She encourages him to donate a million to the foundation and grumbles about the Abbott name coming before Winters. Our family must be respected in GC. Another kiss and Devon doesn’t want Hilary to ‘back off’.

After Ashley and Neville take Max off to see some cool lab equipment, Abby suspects Max only wanted to come to the gala because her Mom’s going. She can do no wrong in his eyes (unlike me)

As luck would have it, Billy’s putting on the pants Phyllis has just sewn when Vikki comes knocking. Sorry – I didn’t know you were in a meeting, she quips ~awkward~

It’s not what it looks like. Phyllis sewed the button on Billy’s pants – she wants him to go down to the party. The nanny’s plans have changed – Vikki asks if Billy can take the kids next weekend. Yes, she’s going to the gala – see you downstairs. Why aren’t you going after her? Phyllis asks – go sweep her off her feet. Billy thinks it time to move on. Phyllis won’t believe he’s over Vikki until he finds a real home. Billy already has one.

At GCM, Luca knows he could get Noah in trouble with the police. You can’t press charges, Summer whines. OK – but only for YOUR sake, Luca agrees. Worried about Noah’s temper, Luca won’t sign the divorce papers until he’s sure Noah won’t hurt Marisa (which pissed Noah off) And how did Luca get invited to the gala? He’s my guest, Summer says she leads Luca off.