Tuesday, April 19th

I’m a bit late, so no time for proofreading today 🙁

Dylan comes home to ask Sage (baby sleeping in her arms) why she looks like she’s a million miles away. Something’s been bothering her about Sully, Sage says solemnly.

Watching nurse Stevens kiss the bartender and leave, Sharon flashes back to her taking the baby – you shouldn’t breastfeed him due to the meds. At the bar, Wes asks if he can help Sharon. I believe you can, she replies.

The Rayburns are greeted warmly by Lily. Noting Ben’s big grin as they head upstairs, Abby knows he’s as excited as she is. Getting a call from Max, Lily reports ‘the doves have landed’. Neville exits CL’s with gifts. Ashley calls the one person who hasn’t RSVP’d. Nikki can’t make it to the shower (still bruised, she’s moping in a suite upstairs)

Victor doesn’t make a habit of accepting visitors – why is Adam there? You know why Dad – did you get me fired?

Why did Victor meet with Luca? To tell him to stay away from Summer. He grumbles about the family falling apart – Vikki made a bad deal with Jack. But no, he doesn’t want Adam back at Newman.

Sully now in Dylan’s arms, Sage wonders why he was so fussy with her. He’s teething, Dylan explains. Sharon’s teaching him all about it – where is she anyway? An appointment, Sage relays. Dylan passes Sully to Sage as he takes a call – what!? Is she alright!?

Back at the club, Sharon grills the bartender on Angela Stevens – where did she go? How long have you been seeing her? Wes confides that the relationship’s been rocky. You don’t know what that woman’s capable of.

Continuing to probe, Sharon learns that Angela dumped Wes for no reason at Halloween – then she begged him to take her back (which he did) He’s chalking it up to an unsolved mystery.

Dylan calls Nikki – a friend at the station told him she was in an accident. Nikki denies it and hurries off the phone. Alarmed, Dylan asks Sage to watch Sully and runs out.

In their suite, Abby comes out in a satin robe – delighted to see a present; jelly beans! Oh what a sweet, handsome husband she has. I’m so happy, she tears up. Yes. Ben’s happy too ~kiss~