Wednesday, April 20th

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Neville calls for an ambulance as Ben tends to Abby at the bottom of the staircase. Something’s wrong, she bleats.

Vikki plans to invest in a ‘start-up incubator’ for other entrepreneurs with dreams (like Natalie) All for it, Nick will pitch her idea to the division heads while she gets to Abby’s shower.

At the penthouse, Adam relays his visit with Victor – he wants Nick to run the company. No, Adam doesn’t care – it’s reverse psychology. Victor’s willing to watch Nick run NE into the ground. Adam would rather be unemployed. Chelsea has the perfect job for him.

At Sharon’s, Sage looks online for info on Angela Stevens (and finds nothing) Sharon wants her to go look on Dylan’s laptop at CL’s – she has the password. Dylan and Nikki arrive. She’s not here to see Sully – Nikki’s staying with us for a while.

Adam’s offered the role of CEO of Chelsea 2.0 (so Chelsea can focus on her designs) No, she won’t get sick of him ~kiss~ This company will be all ours. Adam’s in ~hug~

Is there something wrong with the main house? Sharon asks. It hasn’t been torched, Nikki mutters – as Sage bites her lip. Dylan then carries Nikki’s suitcases in and takes her upstairs to the guestroom. Did that just happen? Sharon’s floored. After Sage leaves on her mission, Dylan comes down alone – Nikki’s struggling. She needs to be surrounded by love. OK – we’ll help her, Sharon agrees. Dylan then runs out, ignoring her objections.

Cane reassures Max that Abby will be OK. Don’t let anything happen to the baby, she cries. As Vikki arrives, Ashley and Ben continue to comfort Abby (still laying on the ground)

When Nikki comes down, Sharon’s sincere efforts to engage her in conversation, are rejected. Cut the act before I get ill, Nikki snarls.

Dylan’s at NE to tell Nick that guilt has turned Nikki to drinking again (and relays the accident and Victor refusing to see her) As Dylan leaves, Nick gets a call from Vikki – what!? I’m on my way.

Easily distracting Ester, Sage runs into CL’s office to get something for Sharon.

Poor Max, he’s blaming himself. At the bar, the Ashby’s muse – as Max hastily puts the clear line in his pocket. What are you doing? Lily appears to ask. Max is checking the carpet – he thinks it’s loose.

Abby in a hospital gown and bed, Ben asks her to stay positive. Don’t think of the tests – think of jelly beans. As ultra sound equipment is wheeled in, Ashley and Vikki worry in the hallway. Neville assures that Abby and the baby are in good hands with Dr Gilbert.