Thursday, April 21st

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I had one job to do – give our baby a safe place to grow. I’m clumsy – I should have been practical and not worn heels, Abby’s in tears in her hospital bed. With a hug, Ben tells Abby that she’s not to blame, no one is.

Upstairs, in a suite, Max flashes back to Abby’s tumble. Retrieving the fishing line, he pockets it and grabs a card he made for Abby and leaves.

Back at GCM, Sage and Nick pass along their condolences and leave Vikki to console Ashley. That baby was both our families ~hug~

If you’re here for another ride, the bike’s in the shop, Billy says as he opens the door. It’s not Phyllis, she’s at a meeting about Passkey. Jack’s here because our family needs us now more than ever.

At the bottom of the stairs with Lily, Cane’s checked the carpet and the security footage – Abby just fell. Sharon comes through the revolving door to hear the bad news. Her sympathy is put aside when she sees Wes behind the bar.

Jack ends Billy’s rant to announce that Abby’s in the hospital – she fell down the stairs at the club. Ben doesn’t deserve this after what happened with Katie, Billy says. Jack hopes they can set aside their differences for one night. Let’s go, Billy grabs his coat.

Dylan arrives to hear that Abby hasn’t woken up from surgery yet – Ben’s trying to be strong. Dylan feels for both of them. Nikki? She’s sick and home with Sharon. Vikki covers her surprise that Nikki’s staying with them.

Holding Abby’s hands, Ben talks about coming back from Afghanistan. He thought nothing could be that bad – but he was wrong. Abby thanks him for not saying everything happens for a reason. We’ll be parents one day – we already are – you and Max are in a good place. Abby suddenly gets a chill. One more thing Ben can do? Hold me ~hug~

At the club, Sharon tells Wes that the woman who fell lost her baby. He’s sorry to hear that. Sharon assumes his girlfriend has seen a lot of loss as a pediatric nurse.

Max insists on going to see his Dad. How’s Abby and the baby? OK – the Ashby’s will take Max to GCM.