Friday, April 22nd

You look hot, Natalie says as Kevin joins her. Backattcha, he says. Kevin’s delighted by the money – he hasn’t given Mariah anything (which she’s not happy about) Natalie calls out for champagne and caviar. No, she’s not crazy, she’s eccentric.

Nikki would give anything in the world to make things right – how can I earn your forgiveness? I’ll tell you what you can do…, Victor replies.

Dylan drops by the office to tell Nick that he’s worried Nikki will drink after visiting Victor. Perhaps Nick’s not as concerned because we’re all hard-wired to want our parents together.

Sage barges into Sharon’s to relay her chat with nurse Stevens. You won’t believe what just happened. She panicked when I asked how she paid Dr Anderson back. She lied. Sharon watches, silent, as Sage runs to pick Sully up as soon as he cries. Sage continues – why would nurse Stevens bring up Christian? She’s hiding something – I can feel it.

Mariah tells Mike that she has allergies – she’s not crying over Kevin. We’re just friends – we tried more but it was a disaster. Mariah was a team with Kevin. Now he’s moving on. He doesn’t need me. No, Mariah’s not jealous, she’s sad.

Over caviar and champagne, Kevin thinks Natalie a nut, the best kind of nut (he dabs at her face with a napkin)

If Nikki regrets her actions, she’ll give her proxy to Curtis Fielding (on the board of directors) I just poured my soul out and you want to use it as leverage for a business deal? Is NE all that matters to you? Yes! It’s the only thing that’ll be here when I get out – in TEN YEARS! You can’t ‘take it back’! Our lives are miserable without you. Nikki suddenly realizes that hearing that isn’t enough for Victor. Calling for the guard, Victor leaves without further word.

Dylan doesn’t understand why Victor treats his kids the way he does. Nick doesn’t either – you’ll be a good Dad to Sully. He’ll always be able to count on his Dad, Dylan vows.

Still puzzling over her encounter with nurse Stevens (Sully in her lap) Sage wonders why Sharon’s crying.


Next: Guard! Help! This man need help! Ian reaches hand into Victor’s cell, as Victor doubles over in pain …. Hello Summer, Kyle says. She turns, not thrilled to see him (as Nick and Vikki watch) … Sharon’s on the phone – I need a test done. It’s a DNA test.

My Thoughts: Nikki’s injuries were superficial – not exactly ‘nearly killed’ as Nick describes it. If anyone deserves sympathy, it’s the driver she stepped in front of. And Nikki didn’t ‘start drinking again’ AFTER Victor rejected her – she started drinking again when he was on trial. Nick should know by now that accepting responsibility for one’s own actions is part of the 12 step program. Nobody made Nikki drink…. It’s a bit weird to hear Nikki mention Dylan’s Aunt Casey. He’s never met her and Casey hasn’t visited during any of Nikki’s last crisis’ … Why isn’t Mariah chipping in anything towards rent and groceries? Is she not working at Underground anymore? Is no one working at Underground anymore? … Kevin’s never been loaded, but he’s held IT jobs at both Jabot and NE; there’s no reason he couldn’t live a comfortable life. If he was in fear of losing his apartment, why would he buy a Harley last year?