Monday, April 25th

Sorry for the delay and lack of proofreading. My TV and Internet connection has been up and down due to a storm.

Mopping outside Victor’s cell, Ian warns him about doing sit-ups. He was hoping they’d be comrades. What do you know about the doctor, Victor asks.

At the office, Vikki lists all the bad news – but the good news is that Nick’s back. He loves his strong, ‘rock star’ wife and has hope for the future.

Why is Sharon crying? All that Sage has suffered. Well, Nick’s been amazing – and she has Faith and Sully (who Sage holds in her arms) Oh what an amazing Mommy and Daddy you have, she coos. Please, stop, Sharon again alarms Sage (who wants to know what’s going on)

At CL’s, Mariah grumbles to Summer about her best friend Kevin being all about Natalie. Money changes everything and everyone.

Kevin and Natalie are at the club enjoying their wealth – and a kiss.

Through the bars, Victor grills Ian about Dr Gates – and his escape plan. Ian thinks the doctor could be the putty in Victor’s plans. We do our magic together; Newman and Ward. Do we have a deal? Victor chuckles – let’s shake hands. As they make contact, Ian yelps – Help! Victor doubles over in pain.

Luca arrives at the office as summoned. Vikki leaves Nick to talk to him as a Father. If Summer’s happiness means everything to Luca, stay the hell away from her.

Summer thinks that Natalie’s just happy that Kevin’s paying attention to her. Mariah guesses that Summer slept with Luca (and thinks her stupid) Kyle’s building his own life, Summer says they’re on a break. Getting a text, Summer has to go – tell Kevin how you feel.

Natalie wants more alcohol and more of Kevin. As she answers Kevin’s cell, Mariah hangs up. Where were we? Leaving, Kevin says as he catches Natalie as she’s about to fall.