Friday, April 22nd

Over tea, Nikki mentions that Sharon left early to avoid her wicked mother in law. But oh how wonderful Dylan and Nick have been to her. Dylan wonders if his Mom would see Victor if he allowed her to visit.

Nick’s visiting his Dad – Mom was ‘nearly killed’; you rejected her and she started drinking again. Victor just wants to talk business. Forget about what Mom’s going through? Victor already has.

At CL’s, Kevin’s wearing a suit, sunglasses and has had a manicure (as noted by Mariah – who again wonders why he hasn’t cut her in on Passkey) Kevin can’t. Why? The money’s gone.

At GCM, Sage flashes back to Sharon talking about her dreams and nagging questions about the day Sully was born. Abby? A nurse tells Sage that Abby’s been released. Oh – can you page nurse Stevens for me then?

On the patio, Paul chats with Sharon about Nikki staying with them – that can’t be easy. Yes, but Sharon loves Dylan – and how’s Patty doing? She’s in a higher security facility than Fairview and getting more lucid all the time. Sharon’s happy to hear it.

Kevin invested in an aggressive hedge fund. And he got a 1969 Stingray too. I’m so happy for you (Mariah’s clearly NOT) Kevin can now afford to keep the home Mariah lives in rent free. Mariah’s upset that she’s gone from partner to charity case. What happened to you!?

Mike’s behind Victor’s desk when Natalie arrives (looking like a completely different woman) She doesn’t want to talk business with him.

Sharon visits Patty – remember me? (she reminds her of Fairview) Yes, she’s seen Paulie – and is having some strange dreams (or perhaps they happened?) Can you help me? As Patty babbles, Sharon realizes she made a mistake and stands to leave. Do you think about the baby? Patty’s question stops her.

Nikki now gushes over Sully; a precious miracle. She misses Victor and wants him to forgive her – she regrets hurting him. Paul arrives to hug Nikki (who’s in good health and humour) He relays Sharon kind words – and thinks it better she stay away from Victor.