Tuesday, April 26th

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On the CL’s patio, Nick’s half right – Sage is distracted because she’s thinking of Sharon (but not about their ideas for Chelsea 2.0) Suddenly needing to go, she gives Nick a serious kiss and an I love you. One day we’ll have the family we were meant to have.

You are Sullivan McAvoy – my son, Dylan’s son – you HAVE to be, Sharon resolves. When Dylan comes home, Sharon passes him the baby and suggests it time Nikki go home. ‘Gladly’ Nikki joins to agree (and blames Sharon’s attitude) Sharon then gets a call – I’ll be right there. Problem? Nikki sneers.

At CL’s, Ben’s got a busy day planned; school, soccer. But Max doesn’t want to see anyone because of what happened to Abby.

In her office, Ashley updates Jack and Neville; Abby’s home and trying to come to terms with the miscarriage. It sure was nice of Kyle to come for the day. Losing a child can mess with your mind (Ashley of all people knows) No need to worry about me, Abby arrives – ready to work.

Outside the lab, Hilary asks why Neil’s there. To meet Jack? He’s in the office with Neville and Ashley. Suspecting she’s about to be kicked off the board, Hilary threatens to expose Neil as her kidnapper if he doesn’t prevent it. Neil would rather break all the glass in this lab and eat every shard.

Giving Dylan a quick kiss, Sharon leaves to take care of something for Chelsea. Her ‘bye Sharon’ ignored, Nikki exchanges apologies with Dylan. She’s ready to go home – I won’t be far away. Yes, Nikki’s lonely – and disappointed by how her visit with Victor went. She must stay sober on her own. Dylan believes Nikki can do whatever she puts her mind to.

Hilary’s just protecting her interests. This is MY (and Jack’s) foundation, Neil reminds the ‘blackmailing, backstabbing narcissist’. Their bickering ends when Devon arrives. When Neil rehashes how Hilary used Ashley’s illness, Hilary admits she went too far. Devon hopes they can move past it. Hilary agrees – no good comes from dredging up the past.

In the office, Abby assures that she’s fine. Neville takes Jack out so that Ashley can chat with Abby. Jack tells Hilary that her services on the board are no longer required (due to the way she treated Ashley) He’s surprised when Neil defends Hilary.

At GCM, Nurse Stevens hides in plain sight as Sharon thanks a lab tech for giving her the DNA test results so quickly.