Wednesday, April 27th

At the office, Nick and Dylan joke about taking a teething Sully on a 2-hour car ride. Vikki arrives frowning. What’s wrong? Someone’s trying to take my baby.

What are you doing here? Sharon blurts out. What do you ‘know’? Look at me holding this beautiful baby boy – what’s wrong with this picture? Sage calls Sharon a backstabbing liar – this is NOT your son, he’s MINE!

In the infirmary, Dr Gates isn’t happy to find Victor using her phone. One sometimes just needs to make oneself heard, Victor says after hanging up.

Billy plonks himself down uninvited at Jack and Phyllis’ table at the club. You owe me big brother and I’m here to collect.

At CL’s, Ben coaches Max not to talk about the baby. When Abby joins them, they talk about the weather and having a picnic. Abby isn’t interested in moving on like nothing happened.

Yours? That’s crazy, Sharon has no idea what Sage is talking about. Sage wants to see the DNA results – to see in black and white what the cold monster’s been hiding from her.

Back at the club, Billy wants a big severance package; 10 million. And what will he do with that money? Besides gamble it away? Billy sneers. He needs capital for another venture – or he sells his stakes in Jabot.

Sending Max to the patio, Ben apologizes to Abby – don’t be mad at Max. In tears, Abby can’t get her mind off losing their little girl. Don’t you get it? I want my baby. Ben wants that too – you’re not alone. We’ll get through this together ~hug~

Vikki’s baby, Brash n Sassy has been stolen from under her. Whoever put it up for sale is in big trouble. After Dylan leaves, Nick and Vikki wonder if Adam managed to sell the division. She’s calling every board member until she gets the truth.

Sully still in her arm, Sage demands the DNA papers. Stop lying to me! She fought this bond; this nagging feeling. This is my son; Christian Andrew Newman. Sharon wants to sit down and discuss it. Fine, Sage will go run the tests herself. Sharon wants the baby back – he needs his Mother. I AM his Mother, Sage snarls.