Friday, April 16th

I wasn’t able to watch the show so my 15 year old daughter emailed me this at 1 am. I haven’t read it, but it looks pretty detailed considering she never watches the show. OK, so I just noticed she has no idea who the characters are but A for... Read more

Thursday, April 14th

Vikki accepts Jack's offer to split Passkey - but he must fire Billy (that might come easier after catching Phyllis wearing Billy's shirt) .... Max is fooling Abby, Ben and Lily (as he plots) ... Hilary threatens to expose Neil as her kidnapper if she loses her seat on the board ... Luca and Summer continue to bond. Read more

Wednesday, April 13th

After all lie at the depositions, Jack and Summer are the only ones conflicted.... Natalie wows Kevin (much to Mariah's annoyance) .... Neil's happy to nix Hilary's role on the foundation board.... Jack's stunned to hear that Ashley was sick (and blackmailed by Hilary) ... Vikki finds another reason to turn up at Billy's ... After another lecture from Jack, Phyllis turns to Billy. Read more

Tuesday, April 12th

In the infirmary, Victor dreams of marrying Nikki so long ago. Nikki! Nikki! Jack awakens her from the same dream – and is frustrated to see she drank after he left. What the hell happened? Nikki remembered that today’s her anniversary. At CL’s, Ester, Max and Abby act like they’ve... Read more

Monday, April 11th

Let the depositions begin .... Nikki turns to Jack for help with her sobriety ... Victor receives information on who attacked him. Is his health failing or is he just missing Nikki on his anniversary? .... Billy and Jack exchange harsh words ... Luca continues to latch onto Summer (who hopes to convince Vikki to drop the lawsuit) Read more

Friday, April 8th

Nikki falls off the wagon again and gets hit by a car .... Sage finds comfort in Sully and Adam ... Vikki refuses Jack's offer ... Adam goes to Dylan for help in protecting Victor (who's doing his best to tolerate fellow inmate, Ian) Read more

Thursday, April 7th

Kevin, Natalie, and Mariah are panicking over having to do depositions over Passkey; How do we get out of this? Simple concept – lie, Billy’s unconcerned. Also with paperwork, Summer’s freaking on the phone to Luca when Nick arrives – and Aunt Vikki’s not behind the subpoena, he is. Phyllis... Read more

Wednesday, April 6th

Chatting outside Victor’s hospital room, Nick assumes Adam’s been asked to run the company. Here’s your chance. You’ve got it all wrong, Adam replies. The knife barely missed your heart, the doctor thinks Victor lucky – but his day’s about to get worse. You’re sending me back to that hell... Read more

Tuesday, April 5th

Ashley's cured! .... Hilary's blackmail revealed, Devon tries to keep a lid on his wife's ambition .... Victor asks Adam to kill Ian (if Ian succeeds in killing Victor) .... Back to work, Sage is comforted by Sharon, Chelsea - and Sully. Read more

Monday, April 4th

Having hired Mike to sue Jabot, Vikki will use whatever means necessary to get what she wants .... Recovering in hospital, Victor tells Nikki to get lost .... Sage and Nick are disappointed - Shawn and her baby are gone .... Her memory returning, Sharon's given a further jolt when running into Nurse Stevens at GCM. Read more