Monday, February 29th

The long-awaited downfall of Victor Newman commences. Placed under arrest and with his family turning against him, Victor ends up in the hospital (where he's further shunned when Ben reveals there's nothing wrong with him) ... Meeting with the pregnant teen who might be carrying their baby, Nick and Sage introduce her to Sharon, who can't say enough good things about Nick, and Nick alone. Read more

Friday, February 26th

At Top of the Tower, Vikki’s, head’s on a swivel as she barely listens to the wedding planner’s babble. My fiance wanted to be here – I wonder what’s keeping him. In the GCAC dining room, Billy pesters Jack to take Victor down with the evidence Luca compiled. It IS... Read more

Thursday, February 25th

Luca has a CD that details what Victor did to Jack and Phyliss - and uses it force Billy into bringing him on the project ... Billy then blasts Jack for not taking Victor down after what he did to Phyllis .... Summer's updated that her Mom's staying in a suite (needing some space) - she tells Phyllis that Natalie's betraying Victor - with Billy ... Adam tells Chelsea that he was Christian's Father ... Nick and Sage proceed with adoption. Read more

Wednesday, February 24

Nikki's not good at keeping secrets .... Vikki finds Billy hugging Phyllis ..... Summer offers to hide Luca - at her place..... Dylan doesn't appreciate finding Sharon so cozy with Nick.... Nikki blasts Victor ... Phyllis tells Nikki that payback will be epic. Read more

Tuesday, February 23rd

As a storm rages outside, unlikely pairs bond ; Billy and Phyllis are sharing wine at the Top of the Tower, Nick and Sharon reminisce clad in blankets in front of a fire, Dylan and Chelsea are at CL's, Sage is with Adam (while babysitting Faith and Sully) .. Nikki eyes the vodka ... Trying to track Luca online, Natalie and Summer are terrified when someone busts into the apartment. Read more

Monday, February 22nd

Taking a page from Victor's book, Nikki blackmails an old frenemy .... Shocked to overhear Jack telling Neil what Victor did to him and Phyllis, Nikki decides to team up with Adam - to save Victor from himself ... Fearing Victor's having Luca killed, Summer goes to warn/save him - while a scared Natalie shows Victor that Passkey works ... Hilary continues to manipulate (at Ashley's expense this time) ... L'il Monster Max continues to be a little pain in the ass. Read more

Friday, February 19th

I have a splitting headache today so please excuse the lack of proofreading and coherent sentences 🙂 Reminding Adam that Luca blackmailed him TWICE over Noah, Victor’s now eliminated that problem. Adam doesn’t want to ‘step back’ – he’s dying to know what Victor had in store for Luca and... Read more

Thursday, February 18th

Noah's has minor injuries but faces major charges ... Vikki wants Noah to pay - Victor wants Noah and Marisa to pay (so turns over evidence on her too) ..Billy's OK with forgiving Noah (as are his parents of course) Read more

Wednesday, February 17th

Max pretends to be happy about the pregnancy - while Abby seeks advice from Vikki .... Lily's grateful when Jack finds Neil and has him admitted to GCM (and stitched up) .... Summer unwittingly continues her role as pawn ... Adam overhears Victor call Paul to turn Noah in for the hit and run. Read more

Tuesday, February 16th

When a drunken Neil's press conference turns chaotic, Hilary saves the day. After Devon fires him, Neil gets even more drunk .... Abby and Ben are excited to learn they're having a baby .... Paul insists the murder case is closed. Nick and Dylan reluctantly agree - only Sage is sure it's not over. Read more