Friday, September 30th

Stuck in the elevator, Ashley blames it on Brash n Sassy moving in – then recognizes Travis. Shaking hands, they chat about why he left Wall Street. He wanted something new and found it in GC. Back in BnS, Vikki won’t compare her relationship with Travis to Billy’s fling with... Read more

Thursday, September 29th

At the revolving door, Vikki and Billy bicker about Travis getting along fine with her folks. He comes over to announce that he accepted Victor’s job offer. Of course you did, Billy mutters. Summer comes home to find her place full of the boxes Jack had sent over. Phyllis is... Read more

Wednesday, September 28th

As Mariah and Dylan decorate CL’s for Faith’s birthday party, her questions about being a detective make him ask – is there something you want to ask me? At the penthouse, Chelsea and Chloe work on Faith’s dress. No, Chelsea doesn’t think Sharon wants Nick to spend time with her... Read more

Tuesday, September 27th

In her hospital bed, Phyllis pouts over a photo of her and Jack on her phone as Mike drops by to update that Jack’s attorney sent paperwork for a divorce settlement. Phyllis doesn’t want money, she wants her husband. At the office, Jack does NOT approve of the spring launch... Read more

Monday, September 26th

At Brash n Sassy, the Ashby’s gush over one another as Billy arrives to say that Cane’s doing Vikki’s job (with the commercial) Struggling to both get ready her small bathroom, Vikki hands the phone to Travis – Victor wants to talk to you. After yoga in the park, Jill... Read more

Friday, September 23rd

Ben gives Phyllis a clean bill of health but wants to keep her overnight for observation. Now alone with Billy, Phyllis asks where Jack is. At the club, the pesky GC Buzz reporter asks Jack if he heard the rumour. What rumour? That he beat up his wife. Given what’s... Read more

Thursday, September 22nd

Let go of my arm. Let go! Jack demands as he finally yanks his arm out of Phyllis grasp. What did you do to her?! Billy walks in to almost trip over a motionless Phyllis at the bottom of the stairs. Phyllis!? It was an accident (Jack’s horrified) At the... Read more

Wednesday, September 21st

Yes, Jack’s very serious about resigning from the foundation. He no longer believes in second chances thanks to incurable addict Billy. Jack slept with my Mother while she was married to his Dad, Billy tells Jack to shove the martyr act. All listen as Billy tells Jack that he’s just... Read more

Tuesday, September 20th

Arriving at Jabot, Jack’s all business – the receptionist is to box up Phyllis’ belongings and get them off the premises asap and get the latest financial research on Newman Enterprises – now. Marching into his office, he comes face to face with the ‘PHYLLIS LOVES JACK’ Billy wrote on... Read more

Monday, September 19th

Things are NOT going well at Brash n Sassy. Jill shuts Billy and Vikki up – we have an important commercial to prep for. Billy and Cane are sent off to run the script. Jill’s left to agree with Vikki that what Billy did WAS despicable – no argument here.... Read more