Tuesday, May 31st

At the park, Cane talks to Katherine’s plaque. Whining about Hilary, he wishes Kay were there to advise him on how to handle this. Handle what? Maybe I can help, Nikki appears to offer. Today’s the day. At the club, Neil thanks Lily for her help in dedicating Kay’s wing... Read more

Monday, May 30th

Luca continues to manipulate Summer and Vikki (despite Billy and Noah's attempts to expose his lies) .... Billy and Vikki spend some time together when Johhny gets sick ... More lies from Sharon and Mariah ... Nick refuses to help Adam - and he won't run; even though Maximum Moxley is the Judge assigned to his case. Read more

Friday, May 27th

Chelsea comes down to ask Adam if he slept last night. No, Adam watched Connor sleep (worried that he might go to prison) Chelsea won’t let Victor ruin their lives. When Mike arrives, Adam guesses he has no good news. At the office, Luca and Summer update Noah – reporters... Read more

Thursday, May 26th

Tidying up, Billy finds Bethany’s bra behind a cushion. Still at the club, Jill tells Jack and Phyllis that Billy and this bimbo were prancing around in sheets like it’s a toga party. Oh, what he’s done to ‘her’ house. What does Jack intend to do about Billy spiraling out... Read more

Wednesday, May 25th

Jill's back! And that's all you need to know. OK, she's causing problems for Hilary, not liking Billy's redecorating and boring Jack and Phyllis with her whining (until she gets to the part where she caught Billy and a girl naked That gets Phyllis' attention alright) Read more

Tuesday, May 24th

Mariah continues to pressure Sharon to tell Nick the truth (on the 11 year anniversary of Cassie's death) .... Kevin chooses Mariah over Natalie ... Adam decides to stay and fight his Father (instead of running) ... In a bid to resist one another, Phyllis throws herself at Jack, while a new face attracts Billy. Read more

Monday, May 23rd

Oh, well isn’t this embarassing. The show DID air yesterday. After an hour on hold with tech support we determined that my son unplugged my PVR to hook up his game console. Looks like I’ll be making up for my holiday by spending the entire afternoon recapping yesterday’s and today’s... Read more

Friday, May 20th

At the club, Nikki figures she’s doing pretty good; not crying or drinking. But when Mike gives her the divorce papers, she seems to realize the finality of it. Breaking away from Victor, Dr Gates repeats the ole ‘I shouldn’t have done that. I was a mistake’. That kiss is... Read more

Thursday, May 19th

Dr Gates fusses over Victor (and his bruised hand) in the infirmary. He whines about his son’s gloating and his family dancing on his grave. Billy’s at the lab asking Ashley’s opinion on Brash n Sassy’s new fragrance (since she’s no longer with Jabot, the competition) As she sniffs tubes,... Read more

Wednesday, May 18th

Adam doesn’t think Sage revealed Christian’s paternity in her journal. Well, Nick was pissed, Chelsea knows it’s not good. At the park, Nick cuts Sharon off – he needs Dylan to listen to him. Sage wouldn’t lie about this. You need to arrest Adam – for murder. That’s crazy, Sharon... Read more