Friday, July 29th

Long weekend and I’m starting early (thanks once again to Riley) At the club, Jill showers Victoria with compliments regarding her success in business – she’s evidently desperate for Victoria’s help. Despite her efforts, Victoria tells her she has moved on. When she gets up to leave, Jill grabs her... Read more

Thursday, July 28th

Thanks again to my wonderful daughter Riley for filling in while I’m off watching Dancing Queen in Niagara Falls!! Phyllis and Jack embrace one another, Jack placing small pecks onto her cheek. Jack tells her how nice it is to have her home. She says it’s good to be back... Read more

Wednesday, July 27th

Kevin and Natalie interrupt a breakfast of donuts at Sharon’s. Mariah’s decided to stay where she’s wanted (not move into Kevin’s) Dylan hopes the geeks are there with something to help Adam. Mike visits Adam. As he’s his friend as well as attorney, he did not relay his client’s stupid... Read more

Tuesday, July 26th

In a suite, cuddling in bed, Lily notices that Cane’s not wearing his rings. His hands swelled up – and he lost them. Sorry. Lily hands them over – Maddy found them (the rings were on her bear) Oh how much the Ashby’s have been through. This is a new... Read more

Monday, July 25th

My daughter covered for me today while I was at a funeral. Because it’s already late, I’m not taking the time to proofread. Keeping my fingers crossed. Chloe walks into Victor’s house and congratulates him on being a free man and landing Adam a spot in prison. Victor warns her... Read more

Friday, July 22nd

Phyllis jerks her arm out of Jack’s grasp to rant about Victor replacing her husband with a deranged criminal on their wedding night. This man has destroyed my life; now a loving hell. Victor needs to serve every minute of his sentence. Coming in from a swim, Billy finds Cane... Read more

Thursday, July 21st

Adam passes by Victor’s cell as he’s dressing for his appeal. I’ll be out of here in no time, Victor’s confident. Nikki’s at the club with Nick and Vikki – to make sure they’re all on the same page. Victor’s crimes stand but that doesn’t mean they can’t build a... Read more

Wednesday, July 20th

At the club, Luca tells Nick that he and Summer both came clean. I love your daughter. Prove it – leave town, Nick orders. On the rooftop, Summer can’t believe that her Mom left Jack. Phyllis needs time to think. It’s not what Jack did, it’s what I did. In... Read more

Tuesday, July 19th

Vikki’s not pleased when Luca barges into the office to demand she rehire Summer. If he has to step away to make that happen, Luca will – this is all about Summer. At CL’s, Summer tells her Dad that things went exactly as they planned. And as and soon as... Read more

Monday, July 18th

Oh, thank goodness, Nikki’s glad to bump into Paul at the club. There’s nothing I can do about Victor being transported, Paul interrupts – Victor will soon be in lock-up with his son. The Warden needles Adam through the bars – at least you have friends in here. This isn’t... Read more