Thursday, March 31st

Summer bumps into Luca at CL’s – literally. He needs to get to the club for Jabot’s announcement – Jack needs him on the team. Summer’s surprised he has a job after busting her Mom on the stand. If you ever need to talk… Luca offers. And Summer offers to... Read more

Wednesday, March 30th

At the GCAC, Kevin, Mariah and Natalie discuss the impact of Victor going to prison – disowning his family – and Mike possibly being disbarred. Mariah worries Victor will still find a way to repay them betraying him also. At the gloomy Estate, a suspicious Jack got the impression Vikki’s... Read more

Tuesday, March 29th

In the courtroom, Victor hugs Abby and Summer. If, no WHEN he walks out of here, he wants just these two by his side. At the club, Nikki’s scared. Scolding her for looking for courage in a bottle, Jack asks what she’s most afraid of – Victor being sent to... Read more

Monday, March 28th

Victor ends his case by telling the jury that he has bent the law to protect his family. After the Judge schools the jury that they must be convinced beyond a reason doubt to convict Victor of kidnapping and fraud, Nikki races into the hallway. When Nick follows, Nikki fears... Read more

Friday, March 25th

Not since Jim Carrey's portrayal of Fletcher Reede in Liar Liar have we seen such absurdity within the US court system... You jurors WILL pity Victor Newman - you got that!? .... Nikki - have a mint, some gum, chew on this sprig of parsley, please. Read more

Thursday, March 24th

Due to an ice storm we’re currently experiencing, I lost my satellite signal numerous times. Having watched three airings in bits and pieces, I’m just glad to be done! As Mike claims Victor was acting in self-defence against Paragon, an emotional Phyllis stands to say her husband had nothing to... Read more

Tuesday, March 22nd

On the eve of Victor's trial, the attorneys prepare - the Newmans gather to strengthen their resolve against their patriarch and Victor agrees to plead guilty IF Adam will run the company... Sharon and Dylan puzzled over her dreams ... Sage goes to work for Chelsea - and eases tension with Shawn by sharing her fears. Read more

Monday, March 21st

Under a blanket and before a raging fire, Phyllis and Billy toast with wine. This house nice fun and ‘snark’. Billy is ready to start a new life – without Vikki; she doesn’t want me anymore. This is the best Billy’s felt in a while. They don’t mind being strapped... Read more

Friday, March 18th

The Abbott Winters Foundation is kicked off with a gala that brings in 2 million - and pits Hilary vs. Ashley for a board seat (which Ashley is offered, and Hilary is whining about) ... Abby continues to be pushed aside by Max .... Oh my - a thunderstorm! What's could possibly happen? The power goes out you say? Trapping Billy and Phyllis at the Chancellor estate (Billy's new digs)? ... Noah has a temper tantrum. Read more