Friday, January 29th

Phyllis and Billy are feeling guilty about keeping secrets from their partners. Not feeling guilty? Adam .... Sage and Nick's plan moves forward - with Sage moving into Fairview. Sure it's a risk, but Sage is committed to it (get it? heh) Read more

Thursday, January 28th

Adam finally feels that Victor respects him – and only lied to protect Chelsea. I HAD to keep you in the dark. Chelsea doesn’t want to lie to Marisa. Support me, Adam implores. You just ripped out another page from Victor’s playbook. And what’s wrong with that? Adam stuns her.... Read more

Wednesday, January 27th

Noah wants in on Luca's plan to destroy Victor... Billy wants in on Phyllis' plan to destroy Victor.... Vikki's not happy to encounter Natalie in Daddy's office, less happy when she finds her in Billy's room) .... Chelsea's pissed that Adam's returned to his lying ways .... Kevin and Dylan work on finding the kidnapper.... Abby decides to accept Jack's job offer. Read more

Tuesday, January 26th

Mission accomplished - Nick commits Sage for 72 hours (freeing him up to loosen Sandy's tongue) Adam is livid at the news - while Sharon and Dylan just feel blessed to have each other - and Sully ... Max's attitude towards Abby begins to affect her relationship with Ben.... Ashley is thrilled - it appears Neville's treatment is working! Read more

Monday, January 25th

Natalie is now partners with Phyllis (and pretending to be Victor's partner) ... Phyllis tells Billy that the hacker works for her - they're back in the game - to win.... Sage slaps Nick and punches Dr Anderson; who will press charges if Sage doesn't commit herself to Fairview for 72 hours. Choosing a jail cell, Sage is devastated that Nick is now on Dr Anderson's 'side'. Read more

Friday, January 22nd

Abby, Summer, Lily, and Marisa join Natalie modeling Chelsea 2.0 wedding frocks .... Adam's safe, Natalie finds herself with his real kidnapper - Phyllis! .... Nikki's not happy about Victor keeping her out of the loop .... Dr Anderson continues to manipulate Sharon, torment Sage and ingratiate herself to Nick. Read more

Thursday, January 21st

All prepare for the hostage exchange; Natalie for Adam - which will take place at a pop-up fashion show Chelsea decides to throw at Top of the Tower.... Who's the 'Ma'am' Adam's captor is answering to??? ... Billy continues to recover.... Kevin's terribly worried about Natalie. Read more

Wednesday, January 20th

As Noah frets, Billy starts to remember ... Dylan teams up with Victor to get Natalie and Adam safely home .... Victor loudly bows out of his partnership with Kevin ... Abby's still on the sidelines as Ben tries to bond with Max. Read more

Tuesday, January 19th

Awakening, Billy's a new man; who's invited to move back in with Vikki and the kids .... Marisa's released - Natalie thinks she's being 'protected' by Victor but she's really kidnapped... Dylan does some investigating, and so does Sage (while Nick finally realizes something's off with Dr Anderson, and confronts her) Read more

Monday, January 18th

As Kevin tells Dylan that 'the girl' is not Marisa, Natalie shows up at Victor's office (he still believes he's making a deal to exchange Adam for Marisa) .. Noah and Luca form an unlikely alliance to help Marisa .... Sharon lashes out at Chelsea ... Nick confronts Dr Anderson; while Sage does some snooping. Read more