Friday, April 29th

Chelsea calls Sharon hoping to push a meeting back, she’ll call Sage. She’s dead, Sharon informs – a horrible car accident. She just ran off the road. No, she hasn’t talked to Nick ~click~ Adam comes down to wonder what’s wrong. There was a car accident – Sage is dead,... Read more

Thursday, April, 28th

Driving behind Sage, Sharon must stop her – Daddy can’t be crushed like this. I’ll just flash my lights at her. In the car ahead, Sage leaves a message for Nick – it’s about Christian. Dropping and bending down to pick up the phone, Sage’s car screeches off the road... Read more

Wednesday, April 27th

The confrontation between Sharon and Sage comes to a crashing halt .... Victor's managed to sell Brash n Sassy - and Billy's managed to buy it.... The plan is to force Nick to stay at NE to protect Vikki (who's being undermined with hopes the board will ask her to resign) ... Abby confronts Max and asks Dylan to look into it (caught in the middle, Ben rents a room for him and his devil son) Read more

Tuesday, April 26th

Max continues to drive a wedge between Ben and Abby .... Hilary's blackmail works yet again - she's back on the foundation's board ... Nikki moves out, but Sharon has bigger problems. The DNA results are in and Nurse Stevens has confessed all to Sage - who now holds 'Christian' and is livid that Sharon kept his identity from her. Read more

Monday, April 25th

Sorry for the delay and lack of proofreading. My TV and Internet connection has been up and down due to a storm. Mopping outside Victor’s cell, Ian warns him about doing sit-ups. He was hoping they’d be comrades. What do you know about the doctor, Victor asks. At the office,... Read more

Friday, April 22nd

Sharon has an alarming visit with Patty, and is even more distressed by Sage's encounter with nurse Stevens (who's also freaking out) ... As Kevin and Natalie flaunt their newfound wealth, Mariah confides in a sympathetic Mike.... Victor finally agrees to let Nikki visit (after Nick pleads with him) then proceeds to ream her out. Read more

Thursday, April 21st

Sage and Sharon's investigation is moving right along .... Abby and Ben grieve the loss of their baby girl, Max pretends to be sad too .... Vikki and Jack both manage to put their issues with Billy aside. Read more

Wednesday, April 20th

How to get away with murder - starring Max. Yup - Abby loses her baby girl .... Sharon's house is definitely too small for both her and Nikki .... Sharon has Sage snoop on Dylan's laptop - and guess what? Nurse Stevens isn't just nurse - she's also a patient... Adam's new job? CEO of Chelsea 2.0. Read more

Tuesday, April 19th

Heading down to her surprise shower, Abby trips on the fishing line Max has rigged on the club's staircase .... Comforting his Mom, Dylan invites her to move in with him and Sharon ... Sage offers to help Sharon solve the mystery .... After an unpleasant visit with Victor, Adam warns the prison shrink to be careful of his manipulative Father. Read more

Monday, April 18th

Money and Natalie come between Kevin and Mariah .... Adam gets fired - thanks to Luca and Victor. And thanks to Dylan, Nick knows that Summer's dating Luca .... Paul visits (and questions) Patty.... While Sage is babysitting Sully, Sharon lingers at the club to stare at Nurse Stevens. Read more