Monday, May 2nd.

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Chelsea thinks it a message from the grave. That’s why Adam couldn’t tell Dylan what Sage really said. Maybe she figured it out (that he switched the DNA results) Maybe she wanted to hear me say the words – that I was Christian’s Father.

Nick beats up on Sage’s already totaled car. His hand is bleeding.

At Sharon’s, Paul badgers her – did you and Sage argue. It was a business meeting – why won’t you believe me? It’s routine, Dylan chimes in. Paul needs every piece of information to find out what happened. Sharon’s then alarmed to hear that Sage was on her phone the time of the accident.

Reporting for bartending duty, Travis comments on All The Shiny Things playing on the jukebox. Of course he remembers Vikki – she left a $20 tip. Vikki blames her tears the other day – and sad face no on work. What’s his name? Travis asks.

At the club, Billy tells Phyllis that Nick losing his wife is no reason to distract Vikki from business.

Visiting Victor, Jack’s hoping to turn this tragedy into something good for both families. Victor isn’t eager to use this tragedy. Nick’s shattered – both our families are grieving (Jack lists them all, except one) How did Adam take the news of Sage’s death? Adam? Jack’s puzzled. Adam and Sage had a special bond, Victor reminds.

There’s no man in my life, Vikki gets up to leave – but accepts another drink. She’s trying to make sense of a death in the family. The bartender is more than willing to lend an ear. Vikki pretends to be a secretary. Travis couldn’t be chained to a desk – he likes to meet new people. ‘Tori’ Vikki shakes Travis’ hand.

Sage nursed Adam back to health after your brother tried to kill him. Sage got Adam back to Chelsea and Connor. Jack believes that he and Victor have the power to end the pain for both families – not use that power to perpetuate more revenge. Billy buying BnS could be the death blow to his relationship with Vikki. Billy Boy and your sweet innocent wife went after my company – and they’ll pay for it (and it’s too late for Jack to get off the merry go round)

Back at the club’s bar, Phyllis points out that Vikki’s different from Victor. No, not the mustache – she has a heart. She’s feeling Nick’s pain – go to her – NOT about business. She needs someone to care. Billy declines going back into the lion’s den – and wonders why Phyllis is playing matchmaker so hard.

Adam has a theory; Sage knew – she figured it out and felt betrayed – she was so upset she drove her car off the road. She’s dead because of me. It was an accident – not your fault, Chelsea insists. Adam remains convinced that him playing God is what killed Sage.