Friday, April 29th

Chelsea calls Sharon hoping to push a meeting back, she’ll call Sage. She’s dead, Sharon informs – a horrible car accident. She just ran off the road. No, she hasn’t talked to Nick ~click~

Adam comes down to wonder what’s wrong. There was a car accident – Sage is dead, Chelsea tells him.

Sharon talks to Sully in his pack n play – please understand why I’m doing this. You will have a beautiful life, she promises. Dylan comes down to say – listen to your Mom. She’s telling the truth. Faith comes down to wonder why her Mom’s crying.

Vikki drops by Nick’s condo – I’m so sorry. She can’t be gone, Nick weeps in his sister’s arms.

At Newman, Summer tells Luca to let her do that talking. Noah’s needs to talk to her – Vikki’s not here, she’s with Dad. Sage is dead. OMG, we need to be with him, Summer takes Luca’s keys. Be with your Father, he watches her leave and enters Victor’s office to chat with his portrait – things are falling apart without you – just as you wanted.

At the station, Paul is given bagged evidence; Sage’s phone.

Sharon and Dylan relay the bad news to Faith. The love you shared will live on forever. We were blessed to know her. And you gave her chance to be a Mom. We’re here for you. Faith wants to see her Daddy. Sharon stammers – she has no sitter for Sully. Seeing him might help Nick, Dylan thinks.

At the penthouse, Adam talks about Sage saving him; nursed him back to health. She brought you back to Connor and me, Chelsea adds. She lost so much; her parents, Gabe, Christian. WAS I a good friend to her? Adam lied about being Christian’s Father. Sage wanted that baby to be Nick’s, Chelsea points out (then goes up to tend to a crying Connor) Adam’s phone beeps – a voicemail from Sage.

In Paul’s office, Dylan hopes Sage wasn’t on her phone when she crashed. Looks that way, Paul says that she was making a call. No, it wasn’t to Nick. Sage’s last call was to Adam.

Summer and Noah join Vikki at Nick’s. No, he’s not hungry – he wants to be alone. Respect my wishes, please. Faith runs over – Daddy! ~hug~ Sharon meets his eyes. All watch as Nick tells Faith that Sage is with Christian.

Paul and Dylan determine that Chelsea didn’t know that Sage’s call to Adam proceeded the accident. Dylan wants to talk to Adam – maybe he can bring Nick some peace.