Thursday, May 19th

Dr Gates fusses over Victor (and his bruised hand) in the infirmary. He whines about his son’s gloating and his family dancing on his grave.

Billy’s at the lab asking Ashley’s opinion on Brash n Sassy’s new fragrance (since she’s no longer with Jabot, the competition) As she sniffs tubes, Ashley asks if there’s a new woman in Billy’s life.

At the club, Jack notices that Phyllis is distracted. No, she’s right here – where she wants to be – all she needs is Jack (as if to convince herself)

Hand in hand, Ben and Abby stroll through the park, laughing. Ben’s sorry he pushed Abby away. She understands – Max needed you. Call and check on him. As Ben catches a soccer ball, Abby knows he’s thinking Max should be here, playing.

Cane shows Lily a video of the twins playing soccer on his phone. Coming through the revolving door (Neil behind her) Hilary guesses they were sympathizing with Ben and poor Max. She’s all heart, Lily sneers. As Hilary stomps off to take her meeting, a silent Neil follows. Lily rants about the ‘snake’. Do you want to take her down? Cane wonders if she’s changed her mind about keeping quiet.

After Ben tosses the ball back, Ben again declines checking on Max – where shall we go for lunch? Abby insists. Ben’s equally determined to make it up to Abby. Go see Max – he needs you, she’s confident in their love and marriage ~kiss~ You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, I love you, Ben leaves.

Victor didn’t punch his son – but how can he forgive Adam for wanting him to rot in prison? Dr Gates talks about hope (her hand gently resting atop Victor’s)

The woman in Billy’s life is a Brash n Sassy girl. He’s focused on business. Ashley doubts that and would another woman be able to help Billy forget Vikki? Billy walks out without answering.