Friday, May 20th

At the club, Nikki figures she’s doing pretty good; not crying or drinking. But when Mike gives her the divorce papers, she seems to realize the finality of it.

Breaking away from Victor, Dr Gates repeats the ole ‘I shouldn’t have done that. I was a mistake’. That kiss is the most real thing that;s happened to Victor in a long time. I felt damn good.

At the penthouse, Dylan announces that Constance’s body is being exhumed as we speak. Good, Adam looks forward to being cleared. Chelsea wonders why Dylan felt the need to come in person. Dylan’s here to give Adam a chance to amend his statement – now’s the time.

At the club, Luca and Summer are celebrating their successful proposal for the energy division. Hopefully, when Vikki’s inbox is filled with praise, she’ll be happy (not pissed that Summer signed her name to the email) Luca then puzzles Summer with mentions of Vikki being distracted by her personal life.

At the office, Vikki flashes back to leaving her phone on Travis’ bedside table (which is exactly where Travis finds it – and looks at a photo of Vikki, Billy, and the kids)

Luca decides that Vikki’s acting irrationally because of Billy. Summer feels bad about going behind Vikki’s back instead of showing her the proposal. Victor will be grateful you’re looking out for the company, Luca’s sure. Seeing Mike with Nikki, Summer wants to convince her Grandma that what she’s doing is wrong.

Mike warns Nikki that Victor’s in a bad place – he’s utterly betrayed (by you especially) Nikki knows how Victor wanted her to behave, but she couldn’t condone the things he’s done. Put off filing, Mike suggests – if you divorce him now, there’ll be no turning back. Be very sure. Nikki will always love Victor, and that’s why she must do this. Summer appears to tell Nikki that she’s the love of Victor’s life.

A teary-eyed Victor continues to woo the good doctor. His family’s betrayal hurt him more than he could possibly have imagined.

Adam and Chelsea try to convince Dylan that Victor had Sage’s journal doctored. The charges won’t stick – I’m innocent. This is a trap, a warning shot, or a distraction while Victor strikes elsewhere. Dylan wouldn’t put anything past Victor. If the autopsy shows no signs of foul play, he’ll drop it. Adam’s fine with that – lemme know when it’s over. After Dylan leaves, Chelsea knows Adam’s worried.

Adam’s not worried, he’s surprised – angry. Not that Victor went after him, but that he’d use Sage. We just buried that poor woman. Chelsea thinks the truth will come out – that it’s all lies. But the accusations takes her back to Adam lying to her. Adam insists he’d never hurt Constance. I’m not a killer – you know me.

Adam is Victor’s most difficult child – he was vicious in his last visit. Dr Gates talks about reconciling with her Father. At least Adam shows up.

Grandpa loves us all so much – he gives so much and never asks for anything in return. Nikki doesn’t understand how Summer can put aside all the people Victor hurt. He set those things in motion. Summer can’t ignore the good Victor’s done – he just wants a chance, please, for your family, for yourself. It’s complicated, Nikki must break away – I need to do it. I have to do this, for me.