Monday, May 23rd

Oh, well isn’t this embarassing. The show DID air yesterday. After an hour on hold with tech support we determined that my son unplugged my PVR to hook up his game console. Looks like I’ll be making up for my holiday by spending the entire afternoon recapping yesterday’s and today’s show. Oh look – done one and the other starts now. Meh, I have a sunburn anyway so don’t mind staying indoors today. I guess 😉

At home, Sharon chats with Mariah as she holds her ray of sunshine. It’s the 11th year anniversary of Cassie’s death. Faith’s reminded that Daddy’s still sad about Sage and Christian – and after she goes upstairs, Mariah knows a great way to make Nick feel better today; tell him his son’s alive.

Surprising his Father with a visit, Nick forbids him from saying Cassie’s name. How could you use my dead wife to try get even with Adam? he wants to know.

Meeting Summer at Chancellor Park, Noah’s relieved that Luca’s not there. That jerk has NOT changed – he’ll use anyone (just like Grandpa)

At the club Kevin reads about Adam’s arrest online, and tells Natalie all about him. He wouldn’t put murder past Adam if Constance Bingham got in his way.

When Dylan drops by, Chelsea wants him to explain to Connor why his Daddy didn’t take him to preschool this morning. Sorry, but Dylan had to arrest Adam; Constance was poisoned over a long term period. Adam walks in with Mike (who’ll soon be reinstated) Dylan wonders how the journal could have been altered – the murder happened exactly as Sage described.

Back at the park’s cafe, Noah doesn’t want his little sister to get hurt. It seems Summer can ignore what Luca and her Grandpa have done. And Grandma shouldn’t be divorcing Grandpa. He only wants revenge, Noah argues. Both are frustrated but realize that today is about coming together for Dad.

You want me to lose Sully on the day I lost Cassie? Sharon wonders. He’s not yours, Mariah believes lying is wrong on every level. Nick will take Sully AND Faith, Sharon doesn’t want the family blown apart. The truth can’t stay hidden forever, Mariah reminds of Summer’s paternity fiasco. Nick deserves to know.

Updating Victor that Adam’s been charged with murdering Constance, Nick believes he’s like his Father. He recalls their trip to Toronto. You’re exactly like him. Why is Nick there then? Victor reminds Nick that Sage kept another secret – that Gabe was Adam. Maybe she didn’t want the confrontation or pain.