Tuesday, May 24th

Monday’s spoiler is now posted. Human error. I thought I had a holiday. I did not.

There’s no way out of this – Victor’s arranged a life sentence, Adam frets. Chelsea has a way out – we run, tonight. But she looks alarmed when Adam agrees; of course – it’s our only option.

At NE, Vikki’s accosted by Lois the intrepid reporter (who lists Adam’s, Noah’s and Victor’s arrests) Newman’s keep breaking the law. So, why should anyone trust our family? Vikki thinks that a very good question.

In the infirmary, Dr Gates is again bandaging Victor’s right hand. What happened this time? Mike Baldwin wants me to admit that I framed my son by altering Sage’s diary. Yes, Adam put him up to it. Nick doesn’t believe his wife could keep such a secret from him. Perhaps Victor should confess. I won’t let you do that, Dr Gates announces.

Phyllis may be in Jack’s bed, but it’s Billy she’s thinking about. She declines Billy’s call as Jack rolls over to wonder who it is. Billy leaves a message; he’s ordered lunch. Call me back. What happened in the park was ‘huge’. Get over here ~click~ Ashley walks in without knocking – she can tell by the flowers that Billy has plans.

You’re still on probation for Delia’s death – we could never come back, Chelsea reminds. Adam sees no other choice. Victor will have him thrown in prison for life. But can Chelsea live a life on the run? For now and forever, Chelsea reminds ~kiss~

Vikki ends up giving the reporter a lengthy interview – NE’s future has never looked brighter. There’s no story with the family but if she wants to talk about the business, book an appointment. Now alone, Vikki asks her receptionist to clear her afternoon so she can deal with a family matter. If a reporter tries to book an interview, make it next year.

Vikki and I are done, Billy insists. You HAVE moved on with somebody (just as Ashley told Jack) She worries this might ruin any chance of reconciling with Vikki. Billy won’t answer to Ashley or pine over Vikki. Giving him a hug, Ashley leaves Billy to mope over his phone.

Still in bed, Phyllis lies – that was a political robo-call. Reminded that he has a meeting this afternoon, Jack grabs Phyllis’ ringing phone and starts talking – if you keep calling her she’ll vote for the write-in candidate. It’s Ashley – she wants to meet Phyllis in the park. I think I know what’s going on with Billy.