Wednesday, May 25th

At the park with Cane, Jill plays all gruff, then finally admits how much she misses Kay.

Are you OK? Devon asks? No, Lily’s not OK – she’s being blackmailed by his bitch of a wife.

The old bat worked hard to get sober, Jill’s glad to have made a donation in Kay’s name to the Abbott-Winters Foundation. Appearing to match Jill’s verbal jabs, Hilary (the impudent little wretch) takes credit for ‘the wing’.

Cuddling in bed (in their suite) Jack asks Phyllis if she’s with him – or is she far away again?

Now seated in the dining room, Bethany asks Billy if he has a suite upstairs. No, but he has a little shack not far away. How about a tour? Bethany’s shift just ended. Mine has just begun, Billy leads her out.

Phyllis is counting her blessings (which she lists) We’ll be OK – even if Passkey fails. Phyllis loves Jack. You and me against the world Red – together we are unstoppable, he beams (while the wife in his arms thinks of his brother)

On his sofa, Billy stops making out with Bethany (as he can’t stop thinking about Phyllis) Come upstairs to see my curtains, Billy tries to get into it again (and seems to be doing OK)

Back at the club, Lily gripes to Devon – I look at her wrong and she threatens to put Dad in jail. She won’t put me at risk, Devon knows his wife will protect him. Be mad at our Father. Lily’s disgusted with BOTH of them. Hilary’s NOT bluffing. How can Devon love her?

Hilary’s on the foundation board of directors, Cane informs Jill. Jack and Neil think I’m invaluable, Hilary’s boasts that it was her idea to have Jill donate in Kay’s name. It would have been an honour to have met Devon’s grandmother. She’d have seen right through you! Jill’s then furious to hear about the Chancellor-Turner wing (the what!?) You’re the one who’s going to need a memorial, she warns the ‘little girl’.

Cane referees Jill and Hilary (with little success) Jill’s pissed about the wing being named after Rose Turner. Hilary explains that she too was a brave woman who battled addiction. The names shouldn’t be ‘side by side’ – the names aren’t side by side on the check are they?? Jill threatens to pull her donation. Hilary’s not intimidated – she has a good standing in GC now. It must sting that Kay left all her money to Devon. Jill’s further infuriated when Cane admits the board OK’d the name. Jill stomps off in a huff. Warning Cane to get Jill onboard – ‘or else’, Hilary stomps off in the opposite direction.

Phyllis flashes back to Billy agreeing ‘never again’. You OK? Jack asks. And since Phyllis is famished, they’ll go down to eat. Oh, how much Phyllis loves Jack ~kiss~

As Billy and Bethany make out in his room, Jill enters the house – and is horrified by the hideous renovations AND when Billy and Bethany come down wrapped in sheets (on their way to the wine cellar) Jill snaps – what the hell did you do to Katherine’s house!?

Devon and Hilary love one another – he may not agree with how she goes about things but Devon won’t give up on her. Give Hilary a break – she was in a coma for months. We hurt a lot of people to get to this point. So, if you break up you feel you hurt Dad for no reason? Lily’s sure Dad would want Devon to be happy. Devon continues to defend Hilary and doesn’t believe that she’s after Jack. Stop making trouble. On cue, Hilary marches over to Jack and Phyllis’ table – I need you!