Thursday, May 26th

Tidying up, Billy finds Bethany’s bra behind a cushion.

Still at the club, Jill tells Jack and Phyllis that Billy and this bimbo were prancing around in sheets like it’s a toga party. Oh, what he’s done to ‘her’ house. What does Jack intend to do about Billy spiraling out of control? Nothing – Jack’s done all he can and must focus on the foundation and Jabot. Jill persists – the only answer is for Jack and Phyllis to talk to Billy.

Mike joins Lauren at the park’s cafe with champagne – to celebrate that he’s able to practice law again.

At the office, Summer and Vikki butt heads over the email Luca was behind. I could have you both arrested for fraud, Vikki snarls. In what universe is that an acceptable business practice. Luca’s not the one who screwed you over, Summer says – that was Billy.

Answering his door, Billy assumes it’s Bethany. Get lost, he tells Luca (who’s marches in – he’s there because of Vikki)

Jill points out that both she and Ashley have asked Jack to talk to Billy – doesn’t that say something. Never mind her generous donation – we’re family. Yes, Phyllis agrees that Vikki’s who Billy belongs with. As Jack goes to make a call, Jill’s left to question Phyllis – you don’t look fine. You look scared. Of what? You tell me. Billy has a good heart, Jill knows Phyllis will be able to steer Billy in the right direction. I don’t want him or Jack hurt. Phyllis will do her best. Jill’s left alone and puzzled.

Luca tells Billy that Vikki’s falling apart. Look how easy it was to steal Brash n Sassy. Billy bought it fair and square. Luca insists that Vikki’s distracted – she’s rarely at the office and neglecting her duties. Billy doesn’t care – Vikki’s free to do what she wants. Shown the door, Luca makes a call from the porch – get your camera ready. Vikki won’t be able to stay away from her bartender for long.

The argument continues as Summer demands Vikki admit that Luca did her a favour. Going behind her back just makes Vikki distrustful. Summer claims that Vikki’s head and heart are not in it. Vikki doesn’t want Luca involved in the business. But yes, she’s been distracted. Jill arrives to agree – and wonder what’s distracting Vikki from what’s important.

The Baldwin’s clink champagne flute. Mike thanks Lauren for her support. She thinks the bar must have realized that Victor needed to pay for his crimes. Oh, how proud she is of him. He’ll be busy defending Adam soon. That’s OK, she’s ordered a new couch for his office. Lauren can’t go with Mike now – she’s meeting Jill.