Friday, May 27th

Chelsea comes down to ask Adam if he slept last night. No, Adam watched Connor sleep (worried that he might go to prison) Chelsea won’t let Victor ruin their lives. When Mike arrives, Adam guesses he has no good news.

At the office, Luca and Summer update Noah – reporters are on their way. Luca’s not on the payroll, Noah wonders why he’s leading the charge on this. He has experience in the oil division and we can’t reach Vikki. No need to bother Nick – Luca wants the maintenance records for the oil platforms from the 19th floor. Summer needs Noah’s help. Get Vikki on the phone, Noah orders Luca as he and Summer head out. I’m on it, Luca picks up the phone – and hangs it up as soon as they leave.

Bringing Johnny to Billy’s, Vikki hopes there’s no naked women here – or that he won’t find a thong in the sofa cushions. Maybe YOU found someone to be naked with, Billy retorts.

At the club, Natalie gripes about Kevin bailing on the trip to Chicago to babysit Mariah. He doesn’t know what’s wrong with her – but he intends to find out what the ‘huge drama’s’ about.

At Sharon’s, Nick entertains Faith, Sharon and Mariah with his dance moves in preparation for this year’s Father-Daughter dance. You should come up and see Sully, he has cowlicks, Faith reports. Nick wonders if that’s from Sharon’s side of the family. Now’s not a good time for a visit, Sharon says. We’ll be quiet, Nick and Faith leave Sharon to worry to Mariah – what if Nick suspects the truth?

Back at the penthouse, Mike won’t be pessimistic before they even go to trial. The forensics team couldn’t find any sign of altering (but he’ll have the journal retested) Chelsea flips through a copy – why would anyone believe this garbage? As for Constance’s body, Mike doubts they’ll exhume her again for more tests. Adam feels his case, and his life with his family is doomed.

Billy’s tired of getting updates on Vikki’s ‘actions’. I spend all my time at Newman, Vikki claims. Oh really? Then what’s this? (he shows her an online report of the Newman oil spill)

Summer and Noah are back with the maintenance records. Luca to have written down instructions from Vikki (so he won’t screw them up) She’s decided to spin this as possible sabotage. Summer and Noah are skeptical. She’s going on the offensive so no one can get the better of NE, Luca continues to lie – she wants Summer to talk to the press (much to her surprise)

Kevin defends Mariah – you have more in common with her than you think. Natalie doesn’t agree – and thinks Kevin should spend time with someone more his type.

You freaking out about a cowlick is what will make Nick suspicious, Mariah warns – you wanted him to spend time with Sully. What if he grows up to look like Nick or Sage, Sharon worries (but no, she won’t tell Nick the truth) Mariah promises to keep the secret. Won’t tell what? Nick comes down to ask.