Tuesday, May 17th

Nikki’s spent the morning with Sully at the park when Dylan joins them. Sully is such a blessing, they agree – the very best part of us. At home, Mariah wonders why Sharon’s so agitated – what do you think is in Sage’s journal? Sharon’s just worried about Nick. No,... Read more

Monday, May 16th

I’m extremely busy so please excuse the typos etc. At home, Mariah interrupts Sharon and Dylan kissing. No, there’s nothing she can do to help. Mariah realizes she bulldozed her way in without anyone asking Dylan. So, stepdad, how do you like the new set up? Billy’s surprised when Hannah... Read more

Friday, May 13th

As a bare-chested Billy flashes back to sex with Phyllis, Vikki arrives. Johnny bursts in – he’s so excited about his sleepover. At the club, Jack asks point blank – do you have feelings for my brother? Phyllis babbles about business. But that’s not what Jack’s talking about – are... Read more

Thursday, May 12th

Why bother to go upstairs for sex, when you can have sex ON the stairs? Billy and Phyllis shed clothes. Soaked from the water Lily threw at her, Hilary doesn’t know what’s set her off this time. If you don’t, you’re an idiot (as well as a scheming soulless bitch!)... Read more

Wednesday, May 11th

Jack approaches Billy and Phyllis in the park. What’s going on? Nothing. It didn’t look like nothing to me. Kevin chases after Mariah – you’re not thinking this through – where will you go? Mariah’s done – she’ll go where people know what matters, and what doesn’t. Sharon watches as... Read more

Tuesday, May 10th

Fiona makes a deal with Jack - and gives him a warning ... Natalie refuses to help fix flaws in Passkey. When Phyllis goes to Billy for help, Jack sees how close they are ... Catching Natalie kissing Kevin, Mariah announces that she's moving out ... Victor manipulates Dr Gates. Adam warns his siblings ... Nick can't be around Faith - or Sully (who Sharon's forcing on him) Read more

Monday, May 9th

A grumpy Phyllis has summoned Jack to the park to announce that they can kiss their primo space at Dillman’s department store goodbye – Fiona’s giving it all to Billy. We’ll be lucky to get a dusty shelf next to the janitor’s closet. Billy’s sleeping with Fiona, she’s sure. At... Read more

Friday, May 6th

Ben continues to be in denial. Ashley doesn't believe Max's story that he tripped Abby as a prank. Abby tries to reason with Ben... Devon gives Hilary enough rope to hang herself (unfortunately, not literally) .. Neil panics; Cane might be dropping the bomb on Lily.... Lily's stunned to hear that her Dad knew where Hilary was all along; even while the finger was pointed at her brother and husband. Read more

Thursday, May 5th

At the club for dinner, Jack mentions Phyllis’ obsession with getting Billy and Vikki back together – or did Billy say enough and give Phyllis the big kiss off. At the park, Abby asks Cane and Lily how the fire started. Neil’s glad no one got hurt. Abby and her... Read more

Wednesday, May 4th

You have a … Sharon stammers at Nick in tears. I can’t stand to watch you suffer… Your wife and baby boy torn away from you – when I can … You can move on – I can help you. Nick, Dylan and everyone gathered look puzzled. Marisa pays Victor... Read more