Wednesday, June 1st

As Billy’s rushed into GCM, an officer tells Ben that he was riding at a good clip – someone called 911. Meanwhile, Phyllis is washing up in a gas station restroom, near tears and checking the bruise on her shoulder. Jack calls to fill her in – where are you? On my way ~click~ Now the tears flow freely.

At the lab, Ashley’s glad to see Abby excited about work. She’s letting all her anger go and focussing on what she has to be grateful for. Reading on her phone that evidence is mounting against Adam, Abby believes Victor’s avenging his disloyalty.

Paul’s visiting Victor – the warden says he’s adapted well to prison life. You’re still pulling strings at NE – teaching Vikki a lesson. Victor basically calls Paul a failure at his job – and has nothing to say about the case against Adam. We’ll see (Paul has questions)

Phyllis arrives for an update from Jill, Vikki and Jack. Billy almost died 6 months ago, Vikki points out. Jill loves her son but plans to shake some sense into him when he wakes up. Phyllis tells Jack that she was checking on Natalie’s progress, the dedication was over by the time she got to the club. Vikki eyes her suspiciously – then all turn to Ben when he comes out.

Abby confides in Ashley that Ben feels he’s to blame for Max’s situation. Ashley’s concern is Abby – what do YOU need?

Paul knows that Victor has a different relationship with Adam (than with his other kids) He wanted to be recognized as your son – but you never fully embraced him (despite him being the most like you) Smirking, Victor doesn’t need a shrink – he kept Adam ‘at arms length’ for a reason. He continues to mock Paul, then tells him to fasten his seatbelt – I might tell you more than you bargained for.

Victor will give Paul the short version – he didn’t (and couldn’t) frame Adam. Give me a break – Paul knows how resourceful Victor is. He’s my son, my flesh and blood, Victor’s pained that Adam might have killed that woman. You know what it’s like to have a son who does bad things. Victor has nothing to say about the case – I won’t help you. Of course Paul doesn’t believe Victor – would you?

A second head injury, so soon after the other one, a worried Vikki wants to see Billy. Jack wishes he and Phyllis had gotten through to Billy – kept him from being so reckless.

Paul now chats with Dr Gates (who can’t help him if it’s about the stabbing) No, she doesn’t get many inmates like Victor. He’s a fascinating person. Dr Gates knows how much Victor loves his family. It’s hard for her to understand why his family banded together against him. Paul pretends to empathize – and now all this with his son. Yes, Dr Gates agrees (letting Paul know that Victor’s talked to her about ‘all that’)

Vikki talks to Jill about Billy willing himself back the last time – he had so much to live for. He still does! Jill assures. Ben then tells everyone that Billy’s awake. As all race in, Billy asks ‘how is she’? All are puzzled – was there someone else on the bike? Phyllis then walks in.