Tuesday, May 31st

At the park, Cane talks to Katherine’s plaque. Whining about Hilary, he wishes Kay were there to advise him on how to handle this. Handle what? Maybe I can help, Nikki appears to offer.

Today’s the day. At the club, Neil thanks Lily for her help in dedicating Kay’s wing of the foundation. Lily’s not doing it for her Dad – Kay’s the only reason we’re all together.

Seated with the Abbott’s, Jill’s happy that Kay will have a wing named after her – alone (with the grand opening set for next week) What’s the order of events for today? she asks. Hilary materializes (with Devon) to say she’ll be saying a few words she’s prepared. The hell you will! Jill orders her to stay out of the way and keep her mouth shut.

In Luca’s bed, Summer can’t believe she slept so late. She needs to get home. Stay, Luca kisses her.

Awakening on Billy’s sofa, Vikki rushes up to check on Johnny. Billy heads her off – he’s fine (and still sleeping) And how’s Vikki feeling? Good – she’s sorry she fell asleep on his shoulder. I must look a wreck. You always look great in the morning, Billy disagrees.

Back at the park, Cane’s just thinking out loud. He’s walking a line with Lily’s family. Nikki knows a thing or two about dysfunctional families. She too misses Kay’s wisdom. She was my lifeline – she always spoke the truth. Cane finds it hard to understand why an alcoholic would start drinking again. It’s a battle to feel compassion. Nikki gets it – you must do it for yourself. There’s always hope. And that’s today’s message.

Lily has to bite her tongue every time Hilary uses what NEIL did to blackmail them. The day you kidnapped her, you gave that evil bitch something to hold over our heads forever.

As Jill denies she’s overreacting, Devon assures that Hilary’s not trying to ‘hijack her moment’. Yes, Hilary WILL say a few words about the foundation and hand the mic to Jill. This is Katherine’s day, Jill argues – when the wing is being opened for her Mother, Hilary can make a nice long speech (if anyone’s there to listen) Jill insists on handling the press. We do it MY way. Cross me at your own peril! Jack decides that Hilary will introduce Jill – respect my decision and don’t make a scene. If anyone needs me, I’ll be at the bar, Jill marches off for a Bloody Mary and recognizes ‘Brittany’. You had meaningless sex with my son – he’s in love with his ex-wife.

As Billy straightens her hair, Vikki moves away and notices the test tubes of perfume. No, she has no advice – BnS is no longer her division. Wanting to clear the air, Billy will say who he’s sleeping with, and wants Vikki to do the same.