Thursday, June 16th

At home, Billy finishes talking to Johnny and thanks Hannah for updating Vikki on the change of plans this weekend. Hanging up, Billy pauses to flashback to hugging Phyllis – wishing he could hold her away from prying eyes.

At the club, Jack snaps Phyllis out of her daydreaming to discuss her meeting in Montreal. You’re a star – beautiful, smart – how’d I get so lucky?

The Ashby’s meet Devon at the revolving door to tell him that Hilary faked a fainting spell to get Jack’s attention.

On the rooftop, Hilary barks at Ashley and Neville. Just fix it – you owe me! (she also notes that Ashley doesn’t seem to be relapsing as she is)

At CL’s, Dylan tells Nick that Sharon’s having nightmares. She found Sage the night of the accident, Nick hates that it’s haunting her – but why didn’t Sharon tell me that?

Still at home, Mariah tells Sharon to peel herself off the ceiling – go do yoga, feed the horses. Your guilt is a tattoo on your forehead. Being inside is driving you loony. As Mariah drags Sharon out the door, Kevin appears to gather it’s not a good time.

Back at the club, Jack’s surprised by the Montreal trip but is sure Phyllis will do a great job representing Jabot. No need for Jack to drive her to the airport – Phyllis got a car. Of course she’ll call when she lands. I’ll miss you, Jack gushes – then looks puzzled when reminded that it’s only Canada – and a few days.

Neville used me as a guinea-pig, Hilary argues – I convinced my husband to invest in you. Live up to your own hype – perfect this drug! You’re threatening a man who holds your life in his hands, Ashley doesn’t think that smart. You probably want me to die, Hilary whines. Ashley’s taking the fall for you, Neville’s had enough of Hilary’s narcissism. He’s doing everything he can. Ashley reminds Hilary of their deal – stay away from the lab and her brother. What deal? Neville’s left to wonder.

Devon’s not buying that his wife’s after Jack. She loves me – I love her. She’s making you out to be a fool – Lily can’t watch it. Yes, Cane sides with Lily. Devon thinks Neil’s to blame for Hilary’s behavior. That money grubbing tramp is blackmailing us! You and Jack are too good to see Hilary for who she is, Lily concludes.

Picnic blanket and wine set up in his living room, Billy gets a call from Phyllis – what we’re about to do is so wrong. Is it worth risking everything? Billy opens his front door to find Phyllis there.

Mariah was taking Sharon out for fresh air. You’re all about the great outdoors now? Kevin’s skeptical. After Sharon’s sent off to run errands, Kevin wants to know what’s going on – Sharon’s upset – you’re acting weird. Everything’s perfectly fine, Mariah insists. Kevin’s not leaving until Mariah tells him what’s going on.