Friday, June 17th

OK, I’ll tell you the whole thing, Mariah caves under Kevin’s pressure. Stop! Sharon returns home. Stop what? What’s going on? Dylan’s as curious as Sharon is terrified.

As Billy and Phyllis make out on his sofa, both their cell phones go off. Coincidence?

Billy and Phyllis check their phones – both calls were about work – not Jack. It was a coincidence after all; one that Phyllis thinks a signal that this isn’t meant to be.

On the rooftop, Ashley insists she’s not covering up for Neville. Then why change lab results? Trust me with the truth, Jack implores. OK, Ashley didn’t cut corners. It was Hilary.

In bed, Devon no longer doubts Hilary’s love for him – that was quite the welcome home. Lily’s wrong about me having a thing for Jack. When Hilary hides her trembling hand, Devon wonders what’s wrong.

Billy puts both their phones in a shoebox he then wraps in duct tape and puts on a high shelf. No more phones until the spell is broken and his Princess has to go home. When Billy’s landline rings, he pulls it out of the wall and gets back to business.

Yes, Hilary’s blackmailing Neville (instead of being grateful that he saved her life) Just like she blackmailed me when I was fighting for my life, Ashley insists ‘that woman’ will use anyone she has to – including you. Jack’s left biting his lip.

Saying the AC is too cold, Hilary hides her hand and is glad she and Devon will soon have more time together. I’m fine. Devon thinks she’s working too hard. It’s more than not eating – you need to cut back your hours. Hilary can’t (Ashley will have to step aside; Jack needs her at the foundation too) Devon will talk to him. No – you’re NOT talking to anyone, Hilary snaps.

Neil joins Neville at the club as summoned – and is stunned to hear that he told Ashley that Hilary’s blackmailing him.

Mariah covers – stand down detective – everything’s fine. After Dylan goes upstairs to tend to Sully, Kevin invites Mariah out for coffee. Sharon puts the kibosh on that and is left to scold Mariah – you were about to tell him weren’t you?!

Reminded of her nightmares, Sharon thinks she might as well go off her meds (for all the good they’re doing) Sully’s loved and cherished – he’s ours. If you love your family, don’t threaten it. Sharon wishes she hadn’t trusted Mariah (who wishes she didn’t either) You can’t trust Kevin – this needs to stay between you and me, Sharon insists – as Dylan walks in.

Neville explains to Neil why he had to tell Ashley (who’s taking the blame Hilary tried to assign HIM) Ashley put her license on the line to protect me and the research. She’s proven she’s trustworthy. Neil still worries they’ll both end up in orange jumpsuits.