Friday, June 24th

How did this vial get into a storage unit you forgot you had? Dylan asks. Adam’s explanation – Victor Newman.

Nick’s at the prison to ask Victor for his help. Think that was easy for me? Must be a hardship, Victor’s sarcastic. You say you want to protect this family, but you’re tearing it apart, Nick concludes.

At CL’s, Natalie denies she’s working with Victor. I hate him. Why does all the cyber evidence lead to you? Kevin asks.

At home, Sharon tells Mariah that Chelsea’s agreed to give her a job. You’re smart and creative. This job is yours. Sharon falters when Sage appears.

My baby, my job – you won’t stop until you take everything that’s mine, Sage accuses. Sharon covers but doesn’t appreciate Mariah calling her doctor. I’m going to see her, not you, Mariah assures.

We don’t even know there’s poison in the vial, Chelsea suggests, then balks at Dylan’s suggestion that Adam take a plea deal. It’ll be hard for anyone to believe Victor’s doing this from prison. It was hard for him to find a Jack lookalike too, Mike argues. Adam can tell that Detective McAvoy’s made his mind up. And no, Dylan’s not quite done here.

Natalie wouldn’t be caught if she’s guilty. No, she’s not ‘rusty’. You know me. I don’t work for Victor Newman. Perhaps Kevin’s just looking for an excuse to stop seeing Natalie.

Coming clean is impossible – so is living with this guilt, so Mariah will tell the doctor that SHE’S having nightmares. Sharon can’t tear Sully away from Dylan. But the truth will come out – Sharon must be the one to tell Nick.

Victor mocks Nick – you’re such upstanding citizens. You don’t have the right to act the way you do, Nick grumbles. Where would you be without your Father? Victor forgave Nick for ratting him out to the fed and suing him. Be half the Father I’ve been!

Mariah and Sharon continue to debate. This secret can’t go on forever, Mariah worries about Sharon falling to pieces. Sharon’s struggle is choosing who’s heart to break – and she loves Sully. His name is Christian, Sage corrects. I’m the only Mother he’ll ever know, Sharon whines. Mariah heads off to see the doctor (leaving Sage to blast Sharon) Going off your pills won’t make me go away – I’ll haunt you until Christian’s in his Father’s arms. Go away! Sharon shouts. Faith wonders who her Mom’s yelling at.

Nick lectures Victor – us kids have felt your wrath. You crossed the line with Jack, Phyllis, and Kelly. You need staff, not a family. Who will you lean on when we’re gone. Victor was alone in the orphanage – he built his empire alone. Once he’s out, he’ll take back everything. Get out of my sight (Nick obeys)

Natalie’s been working on Passkey – I wouldn’t be in cahoots with that maniac Victor. Someone’s setting me up, Who? Kevin wonders. A jealous hacker or maybe it was a jealous redhead (Natalie and Kevin look at Mariah)