Monday, June 27th

Sorry for the delay and lack of proofreading. My 3rd of 4 children graduated high school today.

Phyllis joins Ashley at the club (as she works on Jabot stuff) No slacker, she’s hitting the ground running. Ashley knows about Billy – that he asked Phyllis to talk to Jack about her coming back to Jabot. She assumes Phyllis has a busy day . Huh? Oh – looks like Phyllis has forgotten her husband’s birthday.

On the rooftop, Jack’s about to join Billy and Johnny when he’s accosted by Hilary. She’s grateful he talked her out of leaving town and wants to thank him by doing something special for his birthday (since Phyllis is busy) Oh, and Hilary’s done with Devon.

At the office, Luca thinks it good that everyone’s a suspect – he’s OK with that as long as Summer believes in him. Let’s go over security footage, computer logs – anything to prove his innocence to Nick and Vikki. Travis is the logical suspect. Vikki appears to wonder why Kevin’s gone. She hired him to do some cyber sleuthing.

At home, Mariah tells Nick (and Sharon) that Natalie must be working for Victor – again. She’s the self-proclaimed genius behind Passkey after all.

Natalie denies it’s her seen on the camera (visiting Victor) but won’t let Kevin see the schedule on her phone. You can’t account for that time, can you? Kev’s suspicious.

Nick and Sharon aren’t buying Mariah’s theory – she has no proof. But if Kevin thinks Natalie might be behind it, Nick will look into it (and leaves to do just that)

Back at CL’s, Natalie raises a good point – If she were the one visiting Victor, why would she help Kevin hack into the prison’s camera system? You’re a good liar, Kevin knows. But we’re dating now, Natalie wouldn’t mess that up by lying. Getting a text from Vikki, Kevin leaves Natalie to look for more prison visits.

Vikki reminds Luca that Travis never admitted anything. You left out a big part – Travis said he punched you because you were trash talking me. Summer looks surprised and conflicted.

As Lily watches, Jack assures Hilary that Phyllis won’t have time for anything besides Jabot tomorrow. No cake, no candles is fine with him. When Jack excuses himself to see his nephew, Hilary makes a call – she needs to have an intimate surprise birthday party catered tomorrow. Lily grabs the phone – you are unbelievable.

Downstairs, Phyllis didn’t forget her husband’s birthday, but has no big plans – Jack knows I have a heavy workload. Ashley wants to help – don’t take what you and Jack have for granted. Ashley confides her visit to Billy – some poor girl doesn’t know she’s his rebound. Take Jack to the cabin, she suggests.