Thursday, June 23rd

It wasn’t me, Travis insists. Vikki doesn’t know what to believe. Then I’m sorry for you, Travis is then scolded by Nick – it wouldn’t be the first time a man’s looked you in the eye and lied – and it’s not like this one has a merit badge for honesty. And Lucas does? Travis knows he’d do or say anything to get what he wants. Vikki has too many unanswered questions. Then ask yourself this – who has the most to gain? Luca lied, provoked me, then came running back to play the hero.

You can trust me. You do trust me, don’t you? No, it’s not ‘confusing’. Luca will leave if Summer doesn’t trust him. Summer immediately pushes any doubt aside to kiss Luca.

On the CL’s patio, Kevin leaves Natalie a message – she’s late for their date. Mike comes along for an update – Kevin’s officially dating Natalie, but is still friends with Mariah. And he’s not being ‘stood up’ – Natalie’s busy with Passkey. As for Adam’s case, Mike’s not optimistic.

Dylan drops by the penthouse with lots of (bad) news. Nick OK’d the exhumation. It’s already been done and Constance’s body was riddled with poison. There must be an explanation, Chelsea’s sure. Adam knows that Dylan believes he murdered that poor old lady – and so will the judge and jury.

In bed, Luca thanks Summer for trusting him. And now it’s time for round two.

If Travis was paid to sabotage NE, why would he ask Vikki if she paid his debt? The closest he’s ever been to Victor Newman is his portrait on the wall. When Nick also accuses, Travis claims to be happy with his bar; his life. Did Vikki say she never wanted to see him again? No. Yet you believe Luca’s lies – Travis agrees they should investigate – the trail won’t lead back to me. You said you wanted to hold yourself to a higher standard – you can’t while dealing with guys like Luca. Nick and Vikki are left to mull it over – perhaps Luca’s on Dad’s payroll. We’ll get to the bottom of it, Nick vows.

In the infirmary, Victor doesn’t need anything more than Meredith and the truth. The warden interrupts the beginnings of a kiss – Victor doesn’t look sick. Victor reminds that he was stabbed by one of HIS guards. After Victor’s escorted by a guard to see his visitor, the warden warns of professional distance. Act accordingly or be transferred.

Dylan’s trying to keep an open mind but it doesn’t look good. Not happy when a cop arrives to search the penthouse, Chelsea calls to summon Mike. Let’s search the joint! Adam starts throwing stuff around. Ripping a stuffed animal apart, he declares the search ‘stupid!’ You won’t find a thing – I didn’t do anything!

Nick arrives on the rooftop to watch Summer kiss Luca before heading back to the pool. He updates that Travis denied everything Luca said. Summer’s not surprised – and annoyed that her Dad’s turning against Luca, ‘us’, again.

Kevin arrives at Vikki’s office as summoned. No hard feelings about him lying under oath (though she did call Natalie first; she didn’t reply) Vikki needs a hacker to look into the oil spills.

Victor tells his mystery woman that Constance has been exhumed again. Thanks to your dedication and hard work we can put the final nail into my son’s coffin.

Mike arrives to wonder why Dylan’s harassing his client. Would he really keep incriminating evidence here for a year? Getting a text, Dylan now has a warrant to search Adam’s storage unit. I don’t have a storage unit, Adam argues.

You do understand what needs to be done. My son will understand what it means to betray me. Here’s all the information you need (he slides something across the table. Adam’s future (or lack thereof) depends on your flawless execution. Do it immediately. Be careful. This is extremely lethal. Without uttering a word, the woman leaves.