Wednesday, June 29th

Hilary doesn’t blame Neil for wanting revenge but doesn’t believe he’s over her marrying Devon. Neil realizes that Hilary’s meant to be with Devon – he loves you. We grew apart – people change. No, YOU changed, Neil corrects. Hilary thinks the family triangle ‘twisted’. No relationship can survive that.

Jack’s not happy to be going home alone. Phyllis feels peaceful at the cabin and she’s still hungover. OK, stay as long as you like, Jack will pick Phyllis up when she’s ready. Jack’s satisfied with the time they spent together (but leaves after giving Phyllis the briefest of kisses)

Still on the rooftop, work over, Hilary dismisses Neil. Ashley appears to see Hilary’s hand trembling. She’s there with good news – Neville’s found a cure. Get to the hospital right away. Hilary refuses to be a guinea pig again. Neville’s treatment is your only chance, Ashley finally convinces Hilary (who needs a few minutes alone – to make a call)

Phyllis declines Hilary’s call (on the phone Jack forgot at the cabin) Hilary leaves a message – she’s going to the hospital – call me when you can.

Jack’s at the club when Billy arrives to work out. No, Billy won’t go to Adam’s trial. Hearing Phyllis is still at the cabin, Billy has someplace to be. Jack’s left to look puzzled.

When Devon tries to talk to Hilary, she tells him to speak to her lawyer and marches out.

Downstairs, the Ashby’s update Neil on the plan. Hilary’s determined to move on, Neil informs. The trio watch as Hilary approaches Jack at the bar. Hearing Devon’s not going to the hospital with her, Jack won’t let her go alone (and walks her out) Updated by Lily seconds later, Devon exits to catch up with Hilary and Jack.

Neil doesn’t see any upside for Devon – he’s either stuck with Hilary or loses his money to her. Cane hates the thought of half of Kay’s inheritance going to Hilary. What if she doesn’t stop at Kay’s money, Lily worries Hilary will go after Chancellor. Cane would team up with Jill to protect CI. Neil suggests they wait to see what happens between Devon and Hilary.

As Neville checks Hilary out in a hospital room, Devon barges in. After Jack and Neville step out, Hilary tells Devon that the marriage is over. Devon wants to know her prognosis. I could die, Hilary admits – or Neville could get it right this time.

In the lounge, Jack defends Hilary to Neville (who gets back to work when Ashley arrives to say that Jack should keep his distance from Hilary)

Of course Billy shows up at the cabin. He couldn’t stop thinking about what Phyllis and Jack were doing last night. I got drunk and ruined my husband’s birthday, Phyllis informs. You don’t ‘get sloppy’, Billy knows. Phyllis wants to be alone. You didn’t want to have sex with Jack, Billy concludes.