Wednesday, June 29th

No time for proofreading. Expect typos 🙂

At the cabin, Jack’s making smoothies in a loud blender. Stop!!! Phyllis appears to shout.

On the patio, Ashley joins a rumpled Billy – you look like hell. He celebrated last night (and worked all day working on loans to expand Brash n Sassy) You’re drinking and dating too much, Ashley lectures – you’re not happy. Why are you punishing yourself?

Laying on the couch, Phyllis doesn’t remember much of last night (except crawling into bed at some point) Drink this, Jack says – and then we head back to town. Sorry, I can’t go with you, Phyllis surprises him.

Neil joins Hilary on the rooftop as she hides her trembling hand. No, she’s not leaving town or running from Lily. Hilary’s all business – if you can’t work with me, leave this meeting, and the foundation.

Downstairs, Devon updates the Ashby’s – Hilary’s taken her own suite and won’t answer his calls. Lily informs that Hilary’s filing for divorce – she plans to sue you. She wants the club, the Ashby’s hope Devon puts a stop to Hilary, no matter what it takes.

Neil won’t walk away from a foundation with his name on it. Then focus on the work, Hilary’s not letting her divorce interfere. Lily’s probably telling Devon. No, this isn’t what Neil wanted. You never accepted me being with Devon, Hilary claims that Neil got his wish.

Back downstairs, Devon absorbs the news. He knows it’ll be hard to fight Hilary. There’s no prenup. Cane hates the thought of Hilary getting her hands on Kay’s money. Devon won’t roll over and give it up – he’ll fight her with everything. Everything? Lily has an idea – change Hilary’s mind about the divorce.

Phyllis knows Jack has to go to Adam’s trial – but she doesn’t want to see Victor. It’s best she stay away. Jack understands Phyllis not wanting to go to court – but why stay at the cabin without me?

Ashley continues to fuss over Billy and comment that Phyllis isn’t thrilled that she’s back at Jabot. She and Jack went to the cabin – he must be enjoying every second of the romantic getaway. Billy’s sure he is. When Neville arrives, Billy leaves him to update that he’s found a cure for the relapses – but don’t thank me or God yet.

Neville tells Ashley that he can’t test the new formula on the old patients. Without the go ahead, the only person they can test it on is Hilary. Ashley will go convince Hilary; if she doesn’t she may die.

Cane can’t condemn Devon to a life of misery with Hilary. It’s only until we can declaw her, Lily says – then you can cut her loose. Devon’s not sure he can pull it off – he’s upset that Hilary wants to be with Jack. He’s in love with Phyllis – the Ashby’s want Devon to pretend he wants to start over. But don’t get sucked in. Not a chance, Devon’s adamant.