Thursday, June 30th

Dressed for court, Adam rants about an article online that has him doubting his innocence. Mike and Kevin arrive to say they haven’t been able to ID Dorothy Gale. Adam doesn’t want to ask for a postponement. Let’s get this charade over with.

Outside the courtroom, Jack tells Summer that her Mom’s staying at the cabin – why are you here? She’s hoping to see her Grandpa. Yes, she’s still rooting for him – someone has to.

In the courtroom, the Williams warn Nikki that things could get ugly – why put yourself through this? You want to see if Victor tells the truth? Nikki wants to see if Victor will lie to destroy his son.

Sharon plans to take the kids to the park for July 4th festivities. Dylan’s off to the courthouse – he owes it to Sage to see that justice is done. It will all be over soon – see ya. Mariah appears to accuse Sharon of lying to her (in addition to Nick and Dylan)

At the office, Nick wants Vikki to come to court with him – to show Dad that you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.

In the infirmary, Meredith does Victor’s tie and offers to go to court with him – don’t you want me there for moral support? She then suspects that Victor’s not trying to protect Adam – has your family been right all along? You’re out to bring down everyone who loved you?

Mariah has Sharon’s med bottle – it’s full. It’s a new refill, Sharon claims – and downplays her mood swings and shouting the other day (which Faith told Nick about, Mariah informs) I wasn’t here, so who were you shouting at?

Nick’s not completely convinced that Adam’s innocent, but if Dad’s sabotaging the company, he could be framing Adam too.

I thought you trusted me, Victor wonders if his enemies got to Meredith. No, she’s suspicious because he didn’t want her to testify. Victor didn’t like that Meredith told the police what he told her in confidence. He’ll make sure justice is done. Led past the open door, Ian (also in a suit) pauses to say he too wants justice – see you in court.

Even if we ID the mystery woman, we still have to prove she’s helping Victor, Adam and Chelsea realize. Kevin will continue working on it (but doesn’t care what happens to Adam) When Adam insists that Ian’s his best shot, Mike reluctantly agrees and leaves him to reassure Chelsea that it’ll work. No one will believe Victor. Adam WILL walk out a free man today ~kiss~

Mariah doesn’t believe that Faith overheard the TV or misunderstood – she’s catching on. OK, Sharon lied – her nightmares were getting worse so she went off her meds – and it worked. Oh please – Sage appears to also call Sharon a liar.