Tuesday, June 28th

Vikki marches into her office to announce that Billy denied being responsible for the oil spills – and yes, she believes him. Nick, not so much – Billy lives for wreaking havoc on NE. No, he wouldn’t cross the line, Vikki insists.

At Hank’s, Travis comments that it’s a bit early to start drinking. Talking customers out of drinking isn’t good business, Billy remarks. What do you know about good business? Travis knows Billy has something on his mind.

Phyllis and Jack arrive at the Abbott cabin – does it get any better than this? he asks. Yes – let’s go for a walk. Instead, Phyllis is given a gift (despite it being Jack’s birthday) It’s a gift for both of us – lingerie Jack can’t wait to see (and take off) Phyllis (who doesn’t share his enthusiasm)

On CL’s patio, Mike finds Kevin on his laptop – looking at illegally obtained footage of Victor in the prison’s visiting room.

At home, Adam’s frustrated that Ian’s not allowed to take his call. Looking out his window, he sees a row of prison cells. Chelsea startles him to announce breakfast. You mean my last meal, Adam corrects.

Declining Chelsea’s burnt offering of breakfast, Adam rants about the many steps Victor took to frame him. Mike will expose him by putting Ian on the stand, Chelsea’s optimistic. Adam wishes he could talk to Ian, but he can’t take calls and there’s a guard outside the penthouse. I’ll go see Ian, Chelsea offers.

Recently reinstated, Mike can’t know how Kevin got the footage but leans in to watch – and suggest that Victor’s mystery woman is helping him frame Adam AND sabotage Vikki.

Back at the office, Nick’s sure Billy’s sabotaging the company. He’d never work with Dad – and he wouldn’t deliberately hurt me, Vikki insists. Why can’t you get over him?

At Hank’s, Billy and Travis exchange words. You don’t know anything about Vikki, Billy says. Travis is sorry – but he didn’t come along until after their marriage was done. Mentioning Billy’s new girlfriend touches a nerve – and Billy he throws Travis against the bar.

Jack wants Phyllis in the lingerie – but she wants to go outside to decompress. Jack persists – there’s more than one way to decompress. Phyllis looks trapped as he mauls her.

Pushing Jack away, Phyllis needs food. Jack has another gift – a gourmet basket of food. These strawberries look picked today. Phyllis flashes back to enjoying strawberries on her indoors picnic with Billy (he didn’t know if she enjoyed those or foie gras) Jack finds foie gras in the basket – who knows you better than I do Red? he asks rhetorically.

What are you doing with my wife? Are you using her to take down NE or just having fun? She walked into my bar – what goes on is between US, Travis replies. Billy won’t let Travis take advantage of the Mother of his children.