Friday, July 1st

Happy Canada Day (I’m in an extreme rush to go celebrate!!) Walking into the hallway. Victor sees Ian holding Nikki hostage and shoves the guard out of the way as Ian fires. Nick and Vikki run out to roll Victor onto his side. Ian shot me – he has Nikki. Dylan gives chase. Mike goes back into the courtroom (on lockdown) to report that Victor’s been shot.

Under a blanket on the sofa, Phyllis decides this is wrong on so many levels – she came to the cabin to celebrate her husband’s birthday and ends up sleeping with his brother. It’s impossible to tell Jack. Billy wants to be with Phyllis – just say the words; three simple words. I love you, Phyllis kisses him.

What happened?! Kevin fusses over Mariah. I didn’t mean it – it was her, Sharon babbles. Who’s her? Who are you talking about!? Kevin shouts.

Dr Gates tends to Victor as Adam comes out to add to the panic.

Kevin sits Mariah up as she comes too. Apologizing profusely, Sharon’s sent off for ice. Mariah tells Kevin that her Mom freaked out. If she’s off her meds, we have to get her to the hospital. She won’t go – but if it gets Sharon the help she needs… let’s go.

As Victor’s loaded onto a gurney, Nick and Vikki offer encouragement. Dr Gates tells them that Victor’s strong, he’ll pull through. Paul gets a call – Ian’s escaped (with Nikki) He insists the police handle this. OK – Nick, Vikki and Jack head off to GCM.

I’m cheating on my husband – it takes the joy out of those three little words, Phyllis struggles with the guilt. Jack’s so good to me. Every word, every pretense of being a happy wife is now a lie. Then tell the truth, Billy suggests – I love you. I want a life, a future with you. It won’t be easy but we live life on our terms. Phyllis must think – about her family, about Jack. OK, Billy will go, only because he thinks this might be the last time he has to say goodbye to Phyllis.

Sharon can’t believe she hurt Mariah (who knows Sharon didn’t mean to hit HER) When Kevin suggests Mariah get checked out at the hospital, Sharon suggests Aspirin. Mariah wants to go to GCM. OK – Kevin can drive you. Mariah needs her Mom. She’ll tell the doctor it was an accident. Yes, Sharon didn’t do it on purpose – that’s not entirely a lie.

At GCM, Vikki’s ever so worried about her Father. He looked at us like strangers – maybe he can’t forgive us. He’ll be back trying to ruin our lives in no time, Nick’s more worried about Mom. Stay with me – Paul and Dylan will find Mom, Vikki hugs Nick (as Meredith watches) Nick then walks off to take a call.

At the penthouse, Adam’s frustrated by lack of news- Nick and Vikki aren’t returning his calls. Chelsea’s just glad they’re at home, safe. Adam continues his rant – Victor really knows how to mess with his head. Maybe someone else is framing me. If something happens to Nikki, it’s on me, Adam adds. Dylan arrives to say that Ian couldn’t have escaped without help.