Monday, July 18th

Adam welcomes Victor back home – to prison. This is what you wanted – me to pay. I did, Victor admits.

Back on the rooftop, Summer continues the charade with Luca (also fired) Both grumble about Vikki not giving them credit. She’s making mistake after mistake, Luca’s heard that people think Vikki’s leadership ineffective. Summer agrees – the focus isn’t there. She needs to step down – and Luca has a replacement in mind.

At the office, Nikki talks to Vikki about her relationship with Victor. He’ll forgive her in time, but she’s not sure he’ll forgive the rest of the family.

Through the bars, Adam wonders who screwed Victor over. When I get our of here, you will as well, Victor vows.

Chelsea was trying to get a recorded confession out of Victor. Adam plead guilty because he didn’t have a choice. I must fix this – Connor deserves to grow up with his Father. Think about yourself, Anita orders.

Sharon tells Mariah that she’s needed and wanted and loved. Mariah’s not leaving the family – you’ll see me all the time. Be honest, it’s hard having me here. You’ve shared the burden of my secret – I need you ~hug~

Nick doesn’t want to run Newman but Luca wants Summer to ask her Grandpa what he thinks of her running the company (with him at her side of course) Can you see it? Summer nods – I think we can do this. Yes ~kiss~ When Luca steps away to take a call, Summer scowls.

We didn’t testify out of spite, but Vikki will take the stand to say they were wrong – and that they want Dad out of prison. Nikki can’t predict whether Victor will forgive her and Nick. No, she doesn’t think Victor framed Adam or caused the oil spills. He wouldn’t hurt the company. Why is Nikki nervous about Victor’s release then? Nikki just hopes Victor will be ready to bring the whole family together.

You haven’t learned a damn thing – family means everything to Victor. He WILL get Adam out of prison. Adam says that Chelsea will find the proof that Victor set him up or the woman he was working with.

Anita worries about Chelsea being alone. I want you to go – leave! Chelsea’s in tears as Anita obeys.

You’ve made a dangerous enemy in my wife, Adam warns Victor (who’s sure she’ll get over her anger)

Chelsea throws stuff around and sits on the floor to cry in frustration.

Next: He’s not the guy I thought I fell for. He’s a user and I’m done being used… If the only way you’ll let her come back is without me then yes, I step away, Luca tells Vikki – this is all about Summer… Billy asks Phyllis if she’s made a decision between him and Jack.

My Thoughts: I give today’s show a B+ for being absolutely boring. It was 60 minutes of pure tripe and filler. Sharon and Mariah’s scenes were especially meaningless and drawn out. I can’t think of anything to say that would be remotely enlightening or entertaining. I could actually feel my IQ dropping as the hour slowly progressed. Be thankful you didn’t have to endure it. I really took one for the team today you guys.