Tuesday, July 19th

Vikki’s not pleased when Luca barges into the office to demand she rehire Summer. If he has to step away to make that happen, Luca will – this is all about Summer.

At CL’s, Summer tells her Dad that things went exactly as they planned. And as and soon as they got fired, Luca’s cold and calculated plan is to get her back into NE to take Vikki’s job. Luca’s a user and I’m done with being used, Summer vows.

Over breakfast at the club, Ben and Abby make plans for a movie and a ballgame. Or this – Abby hands over a brochure for a spa located near Max’s facility.

At Jabot, Phyllis shocks Ashley with the news that she’s not staying at the house. You left Jack!? Why!?

Napping on his sofa, Billy dreams about Phyllis as Jack awakens him – there have been a few developments you need to know about.

Billy updates Jack – Jill’s taking the house back over again. Jack then updates Billy – you were right. My marriage isn’t as rock solid as I thought. Phyllis is staying at the club. She needs time to think so Jack will give her space. Billy thinks that a good idea. Jack lists his mistakes with Phyllis – I lost her trust. Billy again advises Jack not crowd Phyllis. Jack hopes this isn’t leading to divorce. Billy’s sorry – and slips in one more ‘steer clear of Phyllis’

Ashley thought Phyllis and Jack were happy. Things haven’t been the same since Victor put Marco in my bed, Phyllis explains. No, it’s not all Jack’s fault – there’s plenty of blame to go around. The executive meeting? Phyllis isn’t attending (unaware that Jack isn’t either)

Ben thinks the spa getaway is a great idea – but for now, let’s go home. Abby’s to go ahead and Ben will meet her.

Back at CL’s, Summer wanted to be wrong about Luca – why am I so dense? Seeing the best in people is a good thing – Nick loves who his daughter is – don’t ever change. But how will we handle Luca? Summer has a plan.

Luca hoped he’d be given a bigger role at Newman. But this isn’t about me – it’s about Summer. She stood up for me. She had integrity. Yes, Luca used her – and will remove himself from the equation if Vikki will take Summer back. Vikki’s left to look torn.

Summer’s ready for a new day and doesn’t want her Dad to cut Luca loose for her. I brought him into my life – it’s up to me to boot him out of it.

The Rayburns get hot and heavy in their bedroom.

At Jabot, Ashley gives Jack a hug – sorry. Jack’s told Billy (he thinks I should give Phyllis space) Ashley thinks that the worst thing to do. Don’t listen to Billy.

Barging into Phyllis’ suite, Billy’s annoyed that he wasn’t the first one told that she’d moved out (she’s not thrilled with him either) Jack thinks you’re leaning towards divorce, Billy continues – does that mean you’ve made a choice between Jack and me?

Jack thinks Billy made some good points. He knows Phyllis – they’re friends. She was so upset last night – and unhappy. She doesn’t seem to know what she wants. How can Jack fix things? Be proactive. Find a counselor. Make sure Phyllis knows you love her. Tell her until she gets it. Phyllis must not know how she feels but don’t let her forget how YOU feel.

Cuddling in bed, the Rayburns reconnect. Abby suggests they don’t use protection next time. Ben’s surprised and wants to talk about it another time (which disappoints Abby)