Monday, July 18th

Oh, thank goodness, Nikki’s glad to bump into Paul at the club. There’s nothing I can do about Victor being transported, Paul interrupts – Victor will soon be in lock-up with his son.

The Warden needles Adam through the bars – at least you have friends in here. This isn’t your first time in prison but it’ll be your last. 30 years ages a man. Don’t expect to see the outside ever again.

Waving the tiny knife around, Chelsea demands Victor tell her where the real journal pages are. Victor doesn’t know. Then you’re of no use to me – or anyone else, Chelsea edges closer.

Mariah’s brought some boxes over to pack up – I’ll be out of here in no time. No rush, Sharon says – Faith’s used to having her big sister around. The big happy family thing isn’t for Mariah – it’s time to get back to reality.

Lounging on the rooftop, Summer and Luca are interrupted by Vikki – there’s a walk out and protest over the oil refinery. No wonder the company’s falling apart. Summer stands – if CEO Vikki wants someone to blame, she should look in the mirror.

Luca stepped in with a plan when you were with a bartender – you should be thanking him, Summer defends her man (who continues to work on his tan) Leave Luca alone. You’re right – I AM CEO, and I want you back in the office NOW, Vikki marches away – leaving Summer reeling from the exchange. She now believes Luca is the best thing that’s happened to her and to Newman. I won’t let anyone attack you ~kiss~

Nikki just wants to see Victor one more time. Oh – a chagrined Paul sits her down to say he’s not sure Adam deserves to be in prison for murder. Nikki doesn’t agree that Victor’s responsible – Chelsea’s even at the hospital apologizing to Victor (who Nikki will always fight for – and wait for if necessary) Paul knows Nikki loves Victor – but hopes it’s not a mistake to trust him.

The name Newman will put a target on your back, Adam’s warned. The warden will retire before Adam’s released. We’ll be watching you.

You set your own son up for murder. You desecrated Constance’s corpse and Sage’s memory (by forging her journal) Chelsea emphasizes each accusation with the scalpel. You even let Adam think you were going to save him. He needed to be taught a lesson, Victor blurts out that he didn’t want Adam going to prison. Something went wrong, Chelsea realizes – who’s the woman who visited you in prison? Help me undo the damage you’ve done!

Sharon daydreams about Mariah being happy that her Mom trusts her with her secrets. And as leaves with her box of stuff, Sharon stops her – don’t go.

Nice to see you both clothed, Vikki says as she ends a call. Luca’s dismissed so that Summer can apologize to Vikki – I didn’t mean it (she was acting for Luca’s benefit) Yes, she’s with her Dad and Aunt against Luca. If he thinks I believe him, Summer can nail him to a wall. Vikki appreciates the effort but be careful. Being cornered brings out people’s true personalities.

In his bunk, Adam flashes back to his indoor camp out with Connor – and time with Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Victor insists he doesn’t know where the pages are. I can’t help Adam. You can! Chelsea wants to know who the mystery woman is. Victor warns that he can summon a guard – do you want your helpless little boy to grow up without either of his parents. As Paul enters, Chelsea hides the scalpel behind her back.

Paul’s here to escort Victor back to prison. He heard Chelsea was here to apologize – are you OK? Victor says they were just discussing Connor. As Nikki joins them, Chelsea slips the scalpel into her pocket.

Sharon doesn’t want Mariah to move out – Faith looks up to you. Mariah knows she’s a constant reminder of Sharon’s secret. But their openness means something to Sharon. What if Faith or Dylan overhears us? You’re a piece of my heart – I can’t just let you go, Sharon persists.

Giving Nikki 2 minutes, Paul walks out with Chelsea (who clip-clops down the hallway to pull her phone out. The recorder app is open but she got nothing.

Nikki talks of Victor’s appeal – and it was nice of Chelsea to come apologize … No, Victor thinks her too upset – Nick, Vikki and Nikki’s testimony will have to do. Optimistic, Nikki wants Victor home safe; with your family who loves you – at work and at home. Victor wants things back to normal too – but give me time.

Vikki’s grateful to Summer – it’s not easy to learn the worst of someone you care about. At least Summer learned quicker with Luca that with Austin. How much longer can Summer keep this up? As Luca returns, Vikki and Summer pretend to be arguing. He’s shocked when Vikki tells Summer she’s fired.

Mariah thinks herself too old to live with her Mother. But what about Natalie? Sharon wants Mariah to stay with them – she won’t mind hip hop being played loudly. We love you.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea updates Anita – Adam’s in prison for 30 years, for something he didn’t do. I want to destroy Victor. What the hell are you doing with a scalpel? (Anita sees it with Chelsea’s purse.