Friday, July 15th

Chelsea’s reluctant to get out of bed – this can’t be happening. How could Victor break his promise to you? To us? We have a life to live, she tears up. Adam still has hope – there’s proof out there that I’m innocent. And Chelsea will find it ~kiss~

At Victor’s bedside, Nikki assures him that his stay in prison will be a short one. She and the kids will fight for him at the appeal (in a few days) Victor won’t give up – he’ll do whatever he can to get out of that hellhole.

After a romantic evening and a sleep in, Sharon joins Dylan – who feels lucky to be coming home to her and Sully after court. Sharon knows Adam’s not guilty. Dylan only knows that there’s too many unanswered questions.

At the courthouse, Chris and Paul discuss Mike’s call – Adam’s taking a deal. Despite Dylan finding evidence, Paul still feels Victor’s behind it all.

At CL’s, Kevin points out what Natalie found – Victor’s mystery woman is wearing a wig. It’s not enough and time’s up. Adam’s taking a plea this morning. Natalie and Kevin want more time but will keep digging. Mike appreciates this, so will Adam and Chelsea – hurry. Kevin continues to look for Dorothy Gale – no one can hide forever.

In her motel room, Chloe talks to a photo of Delia – it’s a big, big day. She then holds a lighter to some pages.

Mariah interrupts Dylan and Sharon kissing. Yes, you do have bad timing, Dylan leaves Sharon to apologize for overreacting when thinking Kevin had told Dylan she went off her meds. Mariah shouldn’t give up everything to babysit her Mom – I’m good – get back to your own life. You don’t want me to live here anymore!? Mariah yelps.

Not today, Chloe puts the journal pages in a drawer and sits to choose which wig she’ll wear today.

Nikki continues to gush over Victor (who’s not sure the rest of the family is as eager to help) You’re going to win this appeal – the sentence will be reduced to time served and we can continue to live the life we built together.

Chelsea comes down to listen as Adam gives Connor a goodbye – take care of Mommy speech. I’ll be just fine. How do we do this? Chelsea weeps? Together. Group hug is interrupted by Mike – you ready? Sorry Adam (who, with a kiss, sends Chelsea upstairs with Connor and follows Mike into the elevator – let’s do it)