Friday, July 29th

Victoria joins Nick at the bar to say that maybe their father’s gift is a genuine one. She contemplates whether or not Victor would actually push them out of the business. Nick pushes his drink in front of her – you need this more that I do. She tosses back the drink, saying “I hate it when you’re right.” Weighing their options, Victoria tells Nick about Jill’s offer to run Brash & Sassy. Surprised, Nick hopes she accepted. Vikki wants Dad to counter Jill’s offer. Good luck with that, Nick sends her off.

Knowing Chloe will reach out to someone, Adam wants that to be Chelsea. OK, she’ll do whatever it takes (using all her tricks) Don’t tell Kevin – or anyone. And now a flashback to love-making.

On her phone, Jill watches Billy storm in and ends her call to criticizes him for taking an unearned lunch break. It’s irresponsible, immature and ill-advised. And what’s with the cut on Billy’s face?

Phyllis marches into Jack’s office and heads right for the liquor. Jack walks in – you okay? Looks like you had a rough morning (he notes the glass in Phyllis’ hand)

Victoria walks into Victor’s office where he and Nikki are conversing. How nice that she’s being rewarded with a vacation. Vikki doesn’t think the best time.

Chloe is playing with Bella when Chelsea knocks at the door. Chloe tells her it’s not a good time but she comes in anyway and is shocked by the mess. Chloe got broken into – but we’ll be fine. Concerned for her safety, Chelsea insists that Chloe and Bella move into her house until Chloe can move to a safer neighborhood.

Billy lies – he ran into a mannequin that a guy was carrying. Jill jokes that he got smacked by a dummy (to which Billy says that he has that effect on women, even plastic women) Jill’s frustrated – Billy needs to start caring and acting like an Abbott!

Phyllis was playing with a marketing idea – lipstick on a glass. Jack tells Phyllis about dinner with Jill. She clearly isn’t thrilled about the idea so uses the excuse of a meeting the next day. Instead, Phyllis will meet Jack at home once she gets this work done. After Jack happily trots out, Phyllis sits down with a sigh of relief – and her drink.

Chloe refuses Chelsea’s offer, thinking she is going to be imposing. Chelsea goes further in offering Chloe a job helping with her new line and lists why she’d love them to be partners again. Chloe wonders why Chelsea is being so kind to her after what she did to Adam. You’re my best friend – and with Adam gone, Chelsea could use the support.

Nick visits Adam – surely he agrees that Victoria asking for Dad’s acknowledgment is a waste of her time. Victor’s plan is to get Adam out of jail and to kick Vikki to the curb. Tell me I’m wrong.

How can Adam possibly run NE? He’s behind bars after all. Victor framed me; he has proof from Sage’s journal that will clear my name (but is twisting the knife instead)