Monday, August 1st

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Finding Dylan alone at home, Nick relays Adam’s claims that Dad knows of evidence that will prove he was framed. If the original pages of Sage’s diary are out there, that changed everything.

Watching Belle and Connor playing, Chloe thanks Chelsea for welcoming the woman who tried to run over her husband. As they plan the kids future’s, Chloe’s happy to have another chance at being a Mom.

At CL’s, Kevin’s anxious for the test results – I could have a daughter! He’s grateful that Mariah pushed him to get the paternity test. And Natalie? Kevin hasn’t told her yet. His only interest is whether he’s a Dad. Today’s the day, Mariah’s excited for her friend.

Faith wants to stay at the pool for more swimming – summer’s almost over, she pouts. Drying off Sully, Sharon’s sure there’s still time to do something fun this summer.

Abby and Ben arrive to enjoy some fun and sun together on the rooftop deck. Looking over at Sharon and her kids, the Rayburns assure one another (and themselves) that they’re OK – better than OK.

To new beginnings – and an amazing future, the Hamiltons clink glasses. Ashley appears at their table to announce that she’s been cleared of any wrongdoing in the drug trials. The ladies disagree on Neville; he saved Ashley but almost killed Hilary. Devon’s happy they can put it behind them. That’s just it – we can’t – our problems are just beginning, Ashley smirks.

Nick doesn’t put much past his Dad – but if he has the pages why not come forward? Maybe the mystery woman has them. Maybe Adam’s innocent. If so, there’s no way he’s gonna sit around and wait for Dad to help him. And Nick can’t see Chelsea going along with this ‘wait and see’ plan.

Bella is Chloe’s lifeline to all that is good and pure and right. She’s innocent – curious – and the love. She laughs like Delia, Chelsea observes. Chloe talks of how Delia smiled through Leukemia. But that’s now what killed her. Adam did, Chelsea adds.

Natalie shows up at CL’s to kiss Kevin – you look exhausted – guess you’re not sleeping well without me. Let’s go have some fun. Kevin’s gotta take this call – it could be the results. Of what? A paternity test. You’ve missed a lot, Mariah sneers. Natalie looks stunned as Kevin excitedly answers his phone.

The drug trial patients have filed a class action lawsuit – tampering with the results was fraud. Hilary’s determined to win. Devon wants to settle and let everyone move on with their lives. He doesn’t care about the money – these people trusted in this treatment and suffered because of it. No way we back down on this, Hilary barks. Listen to your husband, not your ego, Ashley snaps.

Back with the kids, Sharon tries to put distance between Nick and Sully (he’s damp and it’s nap time) She then suggests a family vacation. No, Nick wouldn’t mind. Not so fast, Dylan interjects as Sharon lists off potential destinations.

Wrong number, Kevin pouts – then updates Natalie that he might be a Father (though Chloe claims he’s not) Natalie clearly wants that to be the case and isn’t happy to hear the paternity test was Mariah’s idea. As Kevin rushes off, Natalie gripes about him confiding in Mariah. Kevin WANTS to the Dad – either way he’ll always love Chloe, Mariah says in parting.

Chelsea assumes Chloe wants Adam to rot in hell. Yes, Chloe dreamt that Adam would beg her for mercy, and she’d show him the same mercy he showed Delia. She thought she finally had justice when she ran Adam over. But she’s glad he lived, and didn’t take Adam away from Chelsea and Connor. In tears, she now realizes that Adam wasn’t to blame for Delia’s death. It was an accident.