Friday, July 29th

Long weekend and I’m starting early (thanks once again to Riley)

At the club, Jill showers Victoria with compliments regarding her success in business – she’s evidently desperate for Victoria’s help. Despite her efforts, Victoria tells her she has moved on. When she gets up to leave, Jill grabs her hand begging her not to go. Jill tries to reason with Victoria, bringing up Victor’s return and how much that must of hurt her. Victoria says that Billy did the same to her. Jill calls Billy and Cane “functionaries,” says that Victoria has a vision that can change the future. She adds that it’s a win-win for for the both of them: Brash & Sassy gains more success, Victoria is able to work to her full potential.

On the elevator, Phyllis breaks the kiss with Billy and slaps him across the face, leaving a scratch. She gives him an intense death glare.

Nick tries to explain to Jack that Phyllis is not on his father’s radar, but rather focused on getting even with him and Victoria. The two discuss whether Victor had a plan to get Adam out of prison, unless Adam truly did kill Constance. Nick thinks that if Victor did have a plan, he would’ve already gotten Adam out. On the other hand, Jack believes that Victor does have a plan, but to prove his power over Adam, wants to wait until he’s settled back in at Newman Enterprises.

Chloe picks Bella up out of her stroller and tells Victor he needs to leave. One last time before he leaves, Victor demands that she hand over the two journal pages. He still doesn’t believe they are burned to ashes, Chloe is too smart to do that in his mind. Victor’s patience is running out – be careful.

Chelsea goes to visit Adam and delivers the news of Chloe’s return to Genoa City. She hates me – Adam comes to a realization that Chloe has not just recently returned to town, she has in fact been the woman working with Victor.

Chelsea is skeptical, she believes that after two years in a mental hospital, it is unlikely that Chloe still holds so much animosity towards Adam. She has a child – likely Kevin’s the father. The guilt of Delia’s death weighs heavily on Adam, but he must protect himself. He asks Chelsea to use her friendship with Chloe to get her to admit that she was working with Victor.

Chloe reminds Victor that Adam is in jail because of him. How can Victor call himself a family man after screwing his kids over. The door held open for his exit, Victor warns Chloe. “You’re playing a dangerous game. You know what I’m capable of.”

Victoria interrupts Jill’s pleading – she won’t break her loyalty to her family. Jill asks her to consider whether she’d rather take a backseat at Newman or take charge at Chancellor. On her way out, Jack stops her to promises that them rening space at Jabot won’t be a problem. He won’t hover over Billy since she’s already babysitting him. Jill goes on the defense and tells him he should also be overbearing of Billy, hinting at Billy’s relationship with Phyllis. He asks her what she means by that.

Still in the elevator, an angry Phyllis insists ‘we are done’. Billy brushes it off, almost laughing while saying, “Whatever, babe.” She points her finger at him – I am not your “babe.” Are we clear? “Perfectly”, Billy answers.

Jill and Jack talk about his relationship with Phyllis. Jill asks if the two of them are up to having dinner with her. That’s a great idea – Jack’s is up for anything that fosters family unity.

Phyllis tells Billy that she had a lapse in judgment and it wasn’t worth it to be with him. Billy doesn’t believe that she is over him (or sleeping with Jack) She could’ve just pressed the emergency button to get the elevator moving again (which is exactly what he does) As Billy strides out, the elevator doors close on a silent Phyllis.

Victor’s surprised to find Nikki waiting for him at the office. She asks him how it is to be back at work – has he been nice to the kids? Yes, Victor’s sending the kids on vacation; a reward. Nikki finds it odd that he is shipping them off on his first day back. Victor’s rewarding their hard work, and with that Nikki agrees that it was a kind-spirited gesture.