Thursday, July 28th

Thanks again to my wonderful daughter Riley for filling in while I’m off watching Dancing Queen in Niagara Falls!!

Phyllis and Jack embrace one another, Jack placing small pecks onto her cheek. Jack tells her how nice it is to have her home. She says it’s good to be back and plants a kiss on his lips. Jack is happy for them to be “back on track.” Phyllis frowns when they hug again.

Jill walks in on Billy sleeping on the couch. A flashback of Phyllis and Billy in bed haunts her and causes her to wake Billy up. She throws the glass of water she was carrying onto Billy saying “There’s work to be done!”

In the restaurant, Lily fixes Cane’s tie. She smiles and calls him “her husband, the C.E.O” to which he corrects “co- C.E.O.” The two talk about Billy, and Cane shares his frustration with Jill over the amount of conflict between him and Billy. Lily doesn’t share Cane’s level of concern, she believes one of Cane’s assets is overcoming conflict. She gives him a kiss and walks away.

Billy reminds Jill that he doesn’t give a damn about the company, nor Cane making him look bad. The only thing on his mind is curing his hangover. Apparently Billy has forgotten about the promise Jill made about returning the company back to Billy, he just has to prove himself. Jill’s phone rings and on the other line Cane let’s her know that he found new space for their office.

Kevin shows up at Chloe’s apartment to visit her and Bella, however, Bella is out for a walk with Chloe’s mother. Kevin is disappointed and tells her he deserves to meet his daughter.

Nick and Victoria visit Victor in his office and Nick hands him a drawing Faith made for him. Victor asks him to give Faith a big hug for him.

Jack comforts Phyllis, telling her she is not alone and that he supports her. He admits to not supporting her the way he should have during her testimony against Victor. She thanks him and understands why he was so tough on her. As well, she tries to apologize for all the nasty things she said to Jack previously and says she doesn’t want to be the cause of anymore heartache. Cane interrupts their heart to heart to cjat with Victor about their potential new office space. Phyllis is confused and asks why Cane made an offer. When Cane tells her it’s for Brash & Sassy, Phyllis is surprised knowing Billy will be right around the corner.

Billy teases Jill, asking if Cane is also going to also steal his label as the screw up. Jill says she just isnt pleased with Cane’s choice, which is why she wants Billy to work alongside him. She tells him to get dressed before she shares anymore details.

Kevin lists all the “Bonnie and Clyde” things him and Chloe did and asks her how their daughter is still none of his business. Her defense is that they are divorced so they are not involved with one another anymore. With that, she escorts him out the door.