Tuesday, August 2nd

Sully asleep in the tent, Dylan and Faith take some relaxing deep breaths of forest air. Enter Sharon squealing that she’s got poison ivy or poison oak! Mariah worries they’ll all die – what are we doing here!?

Summer and Luca are at home. He thinks she should change her mind about leaving Newman Enterprises. Why would I do that? she wonders.

In his office, Victor’s not happy that his investigator wasn’t able to find out who caused the oil spill (just like Nick and Vikki) If you can’t, I damn well will, he vows.

At the penthouse, Nick relays Adam’s feeling that he’ll be out soon. So, what’s the plan? If there WAS a plan, would you help your brother? Chelsea wonders – or make sure he rots in prison.

Visiting Adam, Mike’s pleased that he’s given up on pushing Chelsea away. Adam’s in a good mood – because he feels like he’s about to get out of here.

At GCM, Kevin’s disappointed to learn that the tests show he’s not Bella’s Father. Chloe would never keep Kevin from his kid. With the bio-Dad out of the picture, Kevin’s still willing to step in.

Dylan tends to a whiny Sharon – it’s probably just a bug bite. Mariah can’t check poison ivy online – there’s no signal. Dylan and Faith head off fishing. Sharon and Mariah decide they’ll stay with Sully – and aren’t enthused to hear they’ll be gutting and cooking fish. Oh look, Sharon’s packed goat cheese and crackers (both dig in)

Victor demands his investigator find a connection between Luca and the oil spill. Never mind that Nick couldn’t – retrace Luca’s every step while I was in prison – got it?

Luca understands Summer being suspicious of him – but knows she loves working at Newman. Are you really ready to give it all up? Or get back into the game?

Adam has a lead on Victor’s mystery woman. Who’s ‘we’? Mike knows Paul’s not investigating and he’s closed the case. Adam won’t do 30 years because Paul won’t do his job!

Victor can undo this, but he won’t – which tells Chelsea that he hasn’t changed at all. Nick MUST find out where Victor’s hiding the real journal pages.

Sharon and Mariah hide their delicious snacks when Dylan and Faith return with fish for them to gut. And as they try to sneak off to forage for berries, Faith chirps – hey, what’s this stuff?

Chelsea’s made a beeline to the prison to ask Adam what he told Nick – he’s on high alert. No one’s looking for this mystery woman, Adam hopes Chelsea’s not giving up. Chloe’s not going to confess – because Chelsea doesn’t think she’s the one setting Adam up.

Back at GCM, Kevin suggests Chloe and Bella stay with him instead of the motel. Chloe updates that she’s staying at Chelsea’s penthouse. Adam’s not an issue – he’s in prison. Yes, Kevin would be great with Bella but we can’t play house. It didn’t work last time. Go knock your girlfriend up – we’re not getting back together.